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10 Unique Beach Clubs in Dubai

10 Unique Beach Clubs in Dubai

Dubai, the city known for its skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and vibrant nightlife, also offers some of the most exquisite beach club experiences in the world. With the Persian Gulf's shimmering waters as a backdrop, these beach clubs are the epitome of relaxation and luxury. This article takes you on a journey to explore the 10 most unique beach clubs in Dubai, each offering an unparalleled experience with its distinctive features, amenities, and ambiance.

The best beach clubs in Dubai - What's On

Unveiling the Charm of Dubai's Beach Clubs

Dubai's beach clubs are more than just places to sunbathe; they are destinations where luxury meets the serenity of the sea, offering a blend of exhilarating parties, sophisticated dining, and relaxation spots. Each club has its own personality, catering to different moods and preferences, whether you're seeking a day of relaxation, a gourmet meal, or a party by the beach.

The Ultimate List of Unique Beach Clubs in Dubai

NIKKI BEACH RESORT & SPA PORTO HELI - Prices & Reviews (Greece)

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Highlights and Unique Features

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is famed for its global beach club brand, bringing its signature white decor, tribal influences, and chic atmosphere to Dubai. It's a place where music, dining, entertainment, fashion, and art merge.

Zero Gravity

Highlights and Unique Features

Situated near the Skydive Dubai drop zone, Zero Gravity offers breathtaking views of the Dubai Marina skyline and an expansive beach area. It's known for its massive pool parties and top-notch international DJs.

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DRIFT Beach Dubai

Highlights and Unique Features

DRIFT Beach stands out for its luxurious beachfront and infinity pool, offering a tranquil escape with panoramic views of the Dubai Marina skyline and the Arabian Gulf. It's the go-to spot for a sophisticated beach experience.

Cove Beach

Highlights and Unique Features

Cove Beach boasts a stunning seafront location at Caesars Palace, known for its rosé all day concept, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, and live entertainment, making it a favorite among the chic and stylish.

Summersalt | Restaurant & Beach Club at Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai


Highlights and Unique Features

Located at the iconic Jumeirah Al Naseem, SUMMERSALT offers an exclusive beach experience with views of the Burj Al Arab, serving up a fusion of international flavors and vibrant beach parties.

Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Highlights and Unique Features

This branch of the world-famous Ibiza beach club brings the spirit of the Balearic Islands to Dubai, featuring avant-garde architecture, cutting-edge music, and a lively beach party atmosphere.


Highlights and Unique Features

WHITE Beach, located at Atlantis, The Palm, is known for its Instagram-worthy infinity pool, over-the-top weekend parties, and a laid-back Mediterranean vibe that attracts a glamorous crowd.

Barasti Beach

Highlights and Unique Features

Barasti Beach offers a more relaxed, no-entry-fee option with live sports screenings, affordable drinks, and a lively atmosphere, making it a popular choice for a casual day out.

RIVA Beach Club

Highlights and Unique Features

RIVA, located on the Palm Jumeirah, offers a more intimate beach club experience with its private beach, temperature-controlled pool, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Eden Beach Club

Highlights and Unique Features

Eden combines the allure of a beachside retreat with the vibrancy of a nightclub, featuring an extensive cocktail menu, international DJs, and themed party nights.

What Makes These Beach Clubs Stand Out?

What sets these beach clubs apart is their ability to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, offering everything from serene beach days to lively parties. Each club's unique features—whether it's Nikki Beach's global luxury brand, Zero Gravity's sky-high parties, or DRIFT's serene beachfront—make them stand out in Dubai's competitive beach club scene.


Which beach club in Dubai is best for families?
For families visiting Dubai, RIVA Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah is a standout choice. RIVA offers a relaxed atmosphere with a private beach, a temperature-controlled pool, and a family-friendly environment. The club provides a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle, with amenities tailored for all ages, including safe swimming areas for children and a variety of dining options to cater to different tastes. The emphasis on comfort and relaxation makes it an ideal spot for families seeking a beach day in Dubai.

Can I find vegetarian or vegan options at Dubai's beach clubs?
Yes, Dubai's beach clubs are increasingly catering to a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. Establishments like Cove Beach and DRIFT Beach Dubai offer menus with a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, utilizing fresh, local ingredients to create flavorful and satisfying meals. These clubs understand the importance of accommodating all guests, ensuring that there are delicious and healthy options available for everyone.

Are there any beach clubs in Dubai that do not require a membership?
Many beach clubs in Dubai welcome guests without requiring a membership, offering day passes for access to their facilities. Barasti Beach is a popular choice for its no-entry-fee policy, providing a laid-back atmosphere where guests can enjoy the beach, live sports screenings, and affordable dining options. This open-access approach allows visitors to explore different beach clubs without the commitment of a membership, making Dubai's beach scene more accessible to everyone.

What's the best time to visit beach clubs in Dubai?
The best time to visit beach clubs in Dubai is from October to April, during the cooler months of the year. During this period, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F), ideal for outdoor activities and beach outings. This season offers the perfect conditions for enjoying the sun, sea, and sand, along with the various events and parties hosted by the beach clubs. Summers can be extremely hot, making it less comfortable for outdoor activities.

Are there dress codes for Dubai's beach clubs?
Yes, Dubai's beach clubs typically have a dress code, especially for dining areas and evening events. During the day, beachwear is acceptable, but guests are often required to cover up when moving around the club or dining. For evening events, a smart-casual dress code is commonly enforced, with guests expected to dress more formally. It's always a good idea to check the specific dress code of the beach club you're planning to visit, as policies can vary.


Dubai's beach clubs are a testament to the city's luxurious lifestyle, offering a unique blend of relaxation, entertainment, and gourmet dining by the sea. Whether you're looking for a day of pampering, a sophisticated dining experience, or a party under the stars, Dubai's beach clubs have something for everyone. The ten clubs listed above represent just a glimpse of the unique experiences awaiting in this vibrant city.


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