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The United States visa represents the gateway to unlocking the American dream, a pursuit cherished by many around the world. It offers the opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of American history, from its founding principles to its transformative milestones. Beyond the historical significance, obtaining a US visa allows one to experience the country's diverse mosaic of cultures, where traditions from across the globe converge to create a unique and vibrant society. Whether for education, work, or tourism, the US visa is the key to engaging with the dynamic and multifaceted landscape that defines the United States.
Comprehensive Guide to USA Visa Requirements and Application:

Get a visa to the United States, a country full of charm, opportunities, and a great lifestyle. The USA is also a top business destination. Visiting the USA is an unforgettable experience, and Citron Tours is here to help with your visa application and procedures. Whether you’re visiting for tourism, business, or other reasons, we can offer the best visa option for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provide excellent service and have a high success rate for visa approvals. Simply contact us or apply for your visa on our website. With the correct documentation and details, we will secure your United States visa within the specified timeframe.

Visa Details
If you are a resident of Dubai planning to travel to the USA, obtaining the necessary visa is crucial. USA visa from Dubai requirements include:

  • Passport: Valid for at least six months beyond your stay in the USA.
  • Visa Application Form (DS-160): Completed and submitted online.
  • Photograph: Digital photo as per US visa specifications.
  • Application Fee: Payment receipt of the non-refundable visa fee.
  • Interview Appointment: Scheduled at the US Embassy or Consulate.

Visa Inclusion

Our services for obtaining a USA visa from UAE include:

  • Visa Applications Consultancy: Expert advice on the visa process.
  • User Account Creation: Setting up an account for visa application.
  • DS-160 Form Assistance: Guidance on completing the form accurately.
  • Document Courier Services: Arranging document return.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Assistance with booking your consular interview.
  • Visa Fee Payment: Help with the payment process.

Visa Exclusion

While we provide extensive support, certain exclusions apply:

  • MRV Application Fee: This fee is non-refundable and must be paid by the applicant.
  • Personal Travel Arrangements: Flights, accommodation, and personal travel plans are not included.
  • Additional Documents: Any extra documentation required by the consulate must be provided by the applicant.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is straightforward:

  • Consultancy Fee: Non-refundable once the service has commenced.
  • Visa Fee: The MRV fee paid to the US consulate is non-refundable.
  • Appointment Rescheduling: Can be done without additional fees if notified in advance.

Ensure to contact us promptly if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment to avoid any inconvenience.

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