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Oman Visa
The Oman Visa showcases golden deserts, historic forts, and coastal beauty, reflecting its rich Arabian traditions and modern aspirations.
An In-Depth Manual on OMAN Visa Requirements and How to Apply
If your travel itinerary includes a trip from Dubai to Oman, we've prepared this comprehensive guide to assist you in obtaining an Oman visa while departing from Dubai. Oman is situated adjacent to the UAE and shares a border with it. The region offers various attractions, including Musandam. Whether you're considering a short weekend getaway from Dubai to Oman, continue reading this guide to gain insights into the e-visa application process, ensuring a hassle-free journey to Oman
How to Request an Oman Visa
Obtaining a visa for Oman has been simplified through Forever Tourism, thanks to our experienced team. To get started, either reach out to us or apply for your Oman visa directly.our website or send an email to
Required Documentation
Documents necessary for obtaining an Oman Visa
Ensure that your passport has a minimum validity of 6 months and includes at least one empty page
Ensure that your UAE visa copy has a validity of at least 6 months.
Duplicate of your EID
Employer's No Objection Certificate (NOC)
Details about the Visa for Oman
The 10-day tourist visa is primarily designed for individuals with short-term visits, such as attending meetings. If needed, this 10-day visa can be prolonged by notifying us before the last day and can be extended for an additional 10 days. Similarly, the 30-day Oman tourist visa follows the same procedure and is also extendable. Now, it is feasible to obtain a 90-day Oman visa for the purpose of visiting friends or family members residing in Oman. The application process for this option may take approximately 5-8 days
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Oman Visa
2-3 Working Days
250 AED
Searching for your ideal getaway but unsure how to begin? Let experienced and well-informed travel agents assist you in effortlessly organizing the journey of your dreams.
Obtaining Your Visa is Simple; Just Adhere to This Step-by-Step Manual
Getting your Oman visa is now easier than ever. Use our all-inclusive manual to simplify the entire procedure. We divide it into straightforward stages, guaranteeing that you effortlessly handle the complexities of the visa application. Whether you're preparing for a relaxed vacation, pursuing educational endeavors, or exploring career possibilities, our guide provides you with all the necessary details and support. Say goodbye to perplexity and delays, and start your journey to Oman with assurance. Trust in our knowledge to ensure a seamless, effective, and trouble-free visa application process, ensuring your experience is without hassle.
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Please consider the following Visa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the expected processing time for obtaining a visa for Oman?
Typically, visa processing requires 2 to 3 business days, but the timeframe is contingent on the timely submission of necessary documents and meeting eligibility criteria. Additionally, we offer an expedited service at an extra charge.

Generally, the processing of visas takes around 2 to 3 business days. However, the actual duration depends on the prompt submission of required documents and meeting eligibility requirements. Furthermore, we provide a faster processing option for an additional fee.
After your visa is processed, it will be sent to you via email as an E-visa. You can then print it out and use it for your travel.

Can I check the status once I submit the application for Oman visa with Forever Tourism?
You can get in touch with our visa team directly.

Am I eligible for a refund fee in case my visa is rejected?
No. This fee is non-refundable.

Why should I choose Forever Tourism for my Oman Visa application?
At Forever Tourism, we have a proven track record in offering international visa services, with over a decade-long presence in the industry. We have a dedicated team who will not only listen to your unique visa requirements and help you to choose the most ideal package, but also guide in every step right from the enquiry to the approval of your Oman visa.

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