Storm Coaster Admission Ticket

Storm Coaster Admission Ticket

Dubai, UAE

Local Activity

Per Person

AED 65

About Package

Dubai's Storm Coaster, situated in the heart of Dubai Hills Plaza, is not just any rollercoaster; it's a record-breaking marvel of engineering designed to thrill. As the world's fastest indoor rollercoaster, it propels you to breathtaking speeds of up to 87 kilometers per hour, complemented by vertical launches and a track length nearing 700 meters. This ride is a must-visit for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, offering an unforgettable journey through simulated extreme weather phenomena within a state-of-the-art facility.

Package Inclusion

  • Storm Coaster Access: A ticket to the world's fastest indoor rollercoaster, ensuring a seat on this exhilarating ride.
  • Pre-Ride Experience: Immerse yourself in a pre-ride show that sets the stage with a storm simulation, complete with visual and sound effects mimicking hurricanes and twisters.
  • Safety Gear and Briefing: Comprehensive safety instructions and gear provided by expert guides to ensure a secure experience.
  • Optional Hotel Transfers: Select packages include hotel pick-up and drop-off for a seamless experience from your accommodation to the coaster and back.

Package Exclusion

  • Personal Belongings: Due to the high speeds and intense movements, secure lockers should be used for personal items, which might not be included in the ticket price.
  • Photography and Videos: For safety reasons, capturing photos or videos during the ride is prohibited.
  • Food and Beverages: Meals and drinks are not included in the ticket price and must be purchased separately.
  • Height and Health Restrictions: There are specific safety restrictions for expecting mothers and individuals below a certain height.

Cancellation Policy

  • All tickets are non refundable once purchased.

Key Information:

  • Safety First: The ride incorporates the latest LSM technology for a smooth yet thrilling experience, with safety as the top priority.
  • Experience Requirement: Designed for adrenaline junkies and those seeking an unparalleled coaster experience. However, it's important to heed the height and health restrictions for a safe ride.
  • Memorable Adventure: Beyond the sheer speed, the Storm Coaster offers a unique thematic journey that simulates being in the midst of a powerful storm, making it a holistic adventure beyond mere thrills.

Embark on the ride of a lifetime with Dubai's Storm Coaster Adventure. This attraction promises not just a rollercoaster ride but a full-sensory journey into the heart of a storm, combining speed, technology, and storytelling for an experience you'll never forget.

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