Green Planet Pass Ticket

Green Planet Pass Ticket

Dubai, UAE

Adventure Park

Per Person

AED 155

About Package

Forever Tourism LLC's Green Planet Experience

Discover an oasis amidst the desert at Forever Tourism LLC's Green Planet, a unique eco-adventure in Dubai's City Walk. This innovative glass biodome spans 60,000 square feet and replicates the lush ecosystems of the South American Amazon rainforest. Home to over 3,000 species of plants and animals, Green Planet offers an immersive journey into biodiversity and ecological conservation. The centrepiece of this verdant paradise is the world's largest man-made, life-sustaining Kapok tree, complete with a captivating waterfall, providing a sanctuary for a diverse range of exotic species.


  • Middle East's First Bio-dome: An innovative indoor attraction ideal for nature enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Amazonian Ecosystem Recreation: Experience the vibrancy of the Amazon rainforest, complete with its four distinct layers: the flooded rainforest, the forest floor, the midstory, and the canopy.
  • Interactive Encounters: Get up close with nature through various encounters, including the opportunity to touch a python, and explore unique areas like the Australian Walkabout and the Bat Cave.
  • Architectural Marvel: Marvel at the biodome's elegant cylinder shape, reminiscent of origami, which houses the spectacular artificial Kapok tree and a variety of ecosystems.

Package Inclusion

  • Admission: entry to the expansive Green Planet biodome, allowing you to explore its rich biodiversity.
  • Transfers: Optional transfers from centrally located accommodations in Dubai ensure a hassle-free visit.
  • Educational Experiences: Learn about the importance of rainforests, ecosystems, and conservation efforts through interactive displays and encounters with flora and fauna.

Package Exclusion

  • Personal Expenses: Food, beverages, and souvenirs are not included and would need to be purchased separately.
  • Specific Encounters: Some special encounters or experiences may require separate bookings or fees.

Cancellation Policy

  • Non-Refundable Tickets: All tickets are non-refundable once purchased. This policy supports the careful management and maintenance of the unique ecosystems within the Green Planet.
  • Advance Planning: Guests are encouraged to plan their visit carefully, considering the non-refundable nature of the tickets, and to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience.
  • Operational Changes: Forever Tourism LLC reserves the right to close the facility temporarily for maintenance or private events without prior notice. Compensation for such closures is not provided.

Forever Tourism LLC's Green Planet invites you to step into a world where the desert meets the rainforest, offering an educational and inspiring experience that highlights the beauty and fragility of our planet's ecosystems. Whether you're a family looking for an engaging day out or an individual seeking tranquilly and natural beauty in the heart of Dubai, Green Planet promises an unforgettable adventure.

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