Dubai Mall Aquarium & Under Water Zoo - Penguin Cove Ticket

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Under Water Zoo - Penguin Cove Ticket

Dubai, UAE

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Per Person

AED 199

About Package

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Penguin Cove Ticket Experience

Step into the chilly world of the Antarctic right in the heart of Dubai with the Penguin Cove Ticket at the Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. This exclusive ticket offers a unique opportunity to meet the charming inhabitants of Penguin Cove, our colony of Gentoo Penguins. Witness these playful creatures in their carefully recreated natural habitat, offering both education and entertainment for all ages.

About the Tour

The Penguin Cove experience brings you closer to the fascinating world of Gentoo Penguins, providing insights into their daily lives, behaviors, and the conservation efforts to protect them. This special encounter is designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of these charismatic birds, all within the extraordinary setting of the Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

Package Inclusion

  • Penguin Encounter: Enjoy a close-up view of the Gentoo Penguins as they dive, swim, and interact within their sophisticatedly designed environment, mimicking their natural Antarctic habitat.
  • Educational Experience: Learn about the life cycle of Gentoo Penguins, their diet, and the importance of conservation efforts from our knowledgeable staff.
  • Access to Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo: In addition to the Penguin Cove, your ticket grants access to the aquarium's tunnel and the Underwater Zoo, allowing you to explore the wide variety of marine and freshwater species on display.

Package Exclusion

  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: The Penguin Cove Ticket does not include access to the aquarium's behind-the-scenes areas or additional interactive experiences with other animals.
  • Merchandise and Dining: Souvenirs, photographs, and dining options are available on site but are not included in the ticket price.

Cancellation Policy

  • All tickets are non refundable once purchased.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo's Penguin Cove Ticket invites you to a memorable encounter with the enchanting Gentoo Penguins. This experience not only delights and educates but also inspires a commitment to marine conservation among visitors of all ages. Whether you're an animal lover, a family with children, or simply looking for a unique experience, Penguin Cove awaits to transport you to the icy realms of the Antarctic, right in the desert city of Dubai.

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