AYA Universe Tickets

AYA Universe Tickets

Dubai, UAE

Local Activity

Per Person

AED 125

About Package

Aya Universe Tickets: Embark on an Extraordinary Journey
Dive into the heart of imagination with Aya Universe, a groundbreaking experience that transcends the boundaries of reality. Aya Universe offers a unique blend of art, technology, and storytelling, inviting visitors to explore a realm where every corner holds a new discovery. Whether you're seeking adventure, inspiration, or a glimpse into the future, Aya Universe promises an unforgettable journey.

About the Experience
Aya Universe is an immersive world that combines cutting-edge technology with captivating narratives to create a series of interactive experiences. From virtual reality journeys that transport you to distant worlds to interactive installations that respond to your presence, Aya Universe is designed to awaken your senses and challenge your perceptions.

Package Inclusion

  • All-Day Access: Explore the wonders of Aya Universe at your own pace with all-day access to all exhibits and experiences.
  • Interactive Exhibits: Engage with a variety of interactive exhibits that blend art, technology, and storytelling in innovative ways.
  • Live Performances: Experience the magic of live performances that bring the stories of Aya Universe to life through music, dance, and digital art.
  • Educational Workshops: Participate in workshops and talks that delve deeper into the themes and technologies behind Aya Universe.

Package Exclusion

  • Merchandise: While Aya Universe merchandise is available, it is not included with the ticket price.
  • Special Events: Separate tickets may be required for special events or experiences not included in general admission.

Cancellation Policy

  • All tickets are non refundable once purchased. 
Aya Universe Tickets are your passport to an extraordinary adventure where imagination meets reality. Whether you're an art lover, a tech enthusiast, or simply in search of a new experience, Aya Universe welcomes you to explore the unknown and be inspired by the limitless possibilities of creativity.

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