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Top Bbq Spots In Dubai For The UAE Long Weekend

Top Bbq Spots In Dubai For The UAE Long Weekend

Dubai, a city known for its stunning architecture and luxurious lifestyle, also offers a variety of delightful experiences for food enthusiasts. Among these, the BBQ spots in Dubai are a major draw, especially during the UAE long weekend. Whether you prefer a beachside setting, a park atmosphere, or a private BBQ setup, Dubai has it all. In this blog, we will explore some of the top BBQ spots in Dubai where you can grill and chill with friends and family.


Al Qudra Lake — A Natural Oasis Near Dubai | by Dr Nasir Mehmood (Phd) |  Medium

1. Al Qudra Lakes
Overview: Al Qudra Lakes, located in the heart of the desert, is a favorite among locals and tourists for a serene BBQ experience. Surrounded by sand dunes and lakes, this spot offers a tranquil escape from the city's hustle.

Facilities & Activities:

Public BBQ areas
Cycling tracks
Bird watching (especially at the Love Lake)
Camping sites
Why It Stands Out:
Al Qudra Lakes provides a unique blend of desert ambiance and waterfront views, making it an ideal spot for a sunset BBQ.

2. Creek Park
Overview: Situated along the banks of Dubai Creek, Creek Park is one of the oldest parks in Dubai, known for its lush greenery and large picnic areas.

Facilities & Activities:

Designated BBQ areas
Children’s play areas
Cable car rides
Botanical gardens
Why It Stands Out:
With its central location and ample green spaces, Creek Park is perfect for families looking to enjoy a day of grilling and fun activities.

3. Jumeirah Beach Park
Overview: Jumeirah Beach Park combines beach fun with BBQ amenities, offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf alongside the aroma of grilled delights.

Facilities & Activities:

BBQ stations
Beach access
Volleyball courts
Jet skiing
Why It Stands Out:
The blend of beach and BBQ facilities makes Jumeirah Beach Park a favorite for those who want to swim, sunbathe, and dine al fresco.

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4. Mushrif Park
Overview: Mushrif Park is a family-oriented park that features a mix of natural and man-made landscapes. Its BBQ sites are nestled among international-themed gardens.

Facilities & Activities:

BBQ pits
Swimming pools
Camel and pony rides
Adventure zones with rope climbing
Why It Stands Out:
The park’s extensive facilities and diverse attractions cater to all ages, making it a comprehensive spot for a weekend BBQ.

5. Safa Park
Overview: Safa Park is known for its scenic views of the Dubai skyline and expansive lawns. It's a popular spot for sports, leisure, and BBQs.

Facilities & Activities:

Public BBQ areas
Boating on the lake
Sports courts
Jogging tracks
Why It Stands Out:
Its central location and view of the Burj Khalifa make Safa Park a picturesque place to grill and relax.

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6. The Desert Palm
Overview: Located on the outskirts of Dubai, The Desert Palm offers a more luxurious BBQ experience with private villas and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Facilities & Activities:

Private BBQ by the polo fields
Horse riding
Spa treatments
Fine dining restaurants
Why It Stands Out:
For those seeking an upscale BBQ experience, The Desert Palm provides gourmet grilling with a view of polo action.

7. Kite Beach
Overview: Kite Beach is famed for its active vibe and is a hotspot for kite surfers and beach sports enthusiasts. It also offers designated areas for BBQs.

Facilities & Activities:

Public BBQ stations
Water sports
Skate park
Outdoor trampolines
Why It Stands Out:
With its lively atmosphere and diverse activities, Kite Beach is ideal for a more dynamic BBQ experience.

8. Hatta Wadi Hub
Overview: Nestled in the Hajar Mountains, Hatta Wadi Hub offers not just BBQ facilities but also an array of outdoor adventures.

Facilities & Activities:

BBQ areas
Mountain biking
Kayaking in Hatta Dam
Glamping options
Why It Stands Out:
Its mountainous terrain and cooler climate make Hatta Wadi Hub a perfect escape for adventure lovers and BBQ enthusiasts alike.

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9. Zabeel Park
Overview: Zabeel Park is one of the largest parks in Dubai and is known for its technological attractions, including the Dubai Frame.

Facilities & Activities:

BBQ areas
The Dubai Frame
Interactive displays at the technology zone
Why It Stands Out:
The park’s mix of traditional BBQ spots and modern attractions offers a unique experience.

10. The Lakes Club
Overview: The Lakes Club in the Emirates Living community offers a peaceful and well-equipped BBQ area by the lake.

Facilities & Activities:

BBQ stations
Swimming pools
Tennis courts
Fine dining options
Why It Stands Out:
This spot is perfect for those who prefer a quieter and more exclusive BBQ experience within a residential community.

Are there any BBQ spots in Dubai that allow pets?
Yes, Al Qudra Lakes and some areas of Jumeirah Beach Park are pet-friendly.
Do I need to bring my own BBQ equipment?
While some parks provide BBQ stands, it’s advisable to bring your own equipment unless specified otherwise.
Can I BBQ on the beach in Dubai?
Yes, certain beaches like Kite Beach have designated BBQ areas.
Are there any fees for using BBQ facilities in Dubai parks?
Some parks require an entry fee that covers the use of BBQ facilities, while others might charge separately for BBQ usage.
Is pre-booking required for BBQ spots in Dubai?
For private and upscale BBQ spots like The Desert Palm, pre-booking is recommended. Public parks usually operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
What is the best time to go for a BBQ in Dubai?
The cooler months from October to April are ideal for outdoor BBQs in Dubai.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, BBQ spots in Dubai offer a unique way to experience the city’s diverse landscapes and culinary delights. From serene lakes and lush parks to vibrant beaches and luxurious resorts, there is a BBQ spot for every taste and preference. So, grab your grill and head to one of these top spots for an unforgettable BBQ experience this UAE long weekend!

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