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The top 4 new pool and beach passes in Dubai for soaking up the sun

The top 4 new pool and beach passes in Dubai for soaking up the sun

A rewind of the plan is necessary if you haven't yet seen Dubai's beaches. Only by landing on the beach and being covered in wave ripples can one find relief from the scorching sun and sandy surroundings. This resort is amazing in every way, whether you're on the terrace with your friends or relaxing in one of the opulent shacks. Additionally, these beaches are renowned for offering a glimpse of significant sites as well, which is like the cherry on top. Any of the beaches in Dubai, including Jumeirah, Kite, Mercato, and Burj, will allow you to feel relaxed and let all of your frustrations out. Whether you choose to relax your spirit and seek serenity, or you choose to spend time with your loved ones while surfing, banana boating, or strolling down the beach, you will always feel positive. If you'd like to visit the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, get in touch with one of the best travel and tour agencies there.


1.Summer salt by Kayto

A wonderful new restaurant has just opened at this magnificent beach club. In addition to dining by the sea, Summer Salt now offers pool days where you can relax in the sun and gaze out at the Burj Al  Arab. During the workweek, a luxurious bed by the beach or by the pool costs Dhs 800, with Dhs 400 redeemable toward the Mediterranean menu. Weekend rates are Dh1,000 per person, with a Dh500 refund.

2.Terra Solis

The desired Tomorrow land idea has finally opened its doors. The enormous swimming pool at Terra Solis is now open to both daytime and overnight visitors. With some of Tomorrow land's best permanent DJs, visitors may take advantage of a lively but peaceful environment. In addition to sun loungers and cabanas, the pool area has a striking bar serving a variety of beverages and cocktails. On weekdays, beds cost Dhs200; on weekends, they cost Dhs300, and you get half that money back to use for food and drink.

3. Venus Beach Club

Although summer vacations seem like a long time ago, Dubai's winter months are when the outdoor lifestyle truly comes to life. Venus Beach Club is the place to go if you want fantastic laid-back vibes, a breath-taking view of Ain Dubai, and delectable Italian food. Their new pool passes cost Dhs350 from Monday to Thursday and Dhs450 from Friday to Sunday, and you receive 50% back to spend on ice-cold beverages and Italian snacks.

4. Zenzi Beach

At this relaxed, opulent beach club, you'll find the height of boho-chic style. Visitors are invited to take advantage of everything Zenzi Beach has to offer with a creative menu that is evocative of South America. There are many options available at the beach club, whether you want to spend the day lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean. Sun loungers can be rented from Sunday through Friday from 9 a.m. to sunset for Dhs350 for adults and Dhs175 for children between the ages of 4 and 12. There are free extras, beach drinks, and limitless water available with the sun loungers. From Sunday through Saturday, daybeds with one daybed and two sun loungers are offered. For two parents and two children under the age of 12, this will cost Dhs 1,000 per day. Food and beverages can be purchased with Dhs 700.

Despite the fact that summer is rapidly coming to an end, you can still visit the beach. Dubai is, after all, renowned for both its gorgeous coastlines and its climate. We also provide the best pool day deals in the city if you're seeking some pampering poolside. In Dubai right now, the weather is *ideal* for a pool day. Therefore, be ready for these fantastic new pool days in Dubai by donning your best swimming attire, packing your cap and sunscreen, and setting out.


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