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The top 4 fantastic farm shops to visit in the UAE

The top 4 fantastic farm shops to visit in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates and agriculture might not generally go together, but there has been a quiet revolution taking place in the country's organic farming industry. The emirates now offer a variety of farm shops where you can buy locally grown goods, take part in farm adventures, and reward yourself for a hard day's work with fresh brews and snacks from the on-site coffee shop. If you'd like to visit the Dubai city tour in the United Arab Emirates, get in touch with one of the best travel and tour agencies there.


1. Mazaraa Farm Shop in Abu Dhabi

Mazaraa's motto is "We sell what we cultivate," and they actually follow it. It's a hybrid cafe and farm shop. In consequence, the farm shop's shelves are loaded with locally grown seasonal food as well as organic oil and honey from the United Arab Emirates. For a charge of Dhs25 for adults and Dhs15 for children, which gives you access plus a snack and juice, you can even go to the farm and choose your own vegetables in addition to enjoying farm activities like feeding the animals, fishing, and camel rides. This way, you can be sure that the produce you purchase is fresh. After that, stop by the Mazaraa cafe in farmhouse style for a cup of freshly brewed coffee and some delectable pastries. The convenient Google location pin may be found here, and it is in Al Bahya.

2. Greenheart Organic Farms, Dubai

Fresh, regionally grown produce is delivered to the UAE by Greenheart Organic Farms, but you may also visit the Greenheart Farm Shop, which is close to the Dubai Miracle Garden, to make in-person purchases. Although the farm shop is not connected to the farm, each morning crops from the 80,000 square metre farm in Quata, Sharjah, are carried there. The produce is sourced from organic farms in Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and India, as well as fresh vegetables, greens, and fruit cultivated in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the store also carries a large selection of pantry essentials, meat, dairy, and other products that have been carefully chosen.

3. Emirates Bio Farm, Al Ain

Emirates Bio Farm, the largest privately owned organic farm in the United Arab Emirates, is situated in the red sand dunes of Al Shuwaib between Dubai and Al Ain. The farm was founded on the principles of sustainability, which include crop rotation, the use of pesticides, and even the packaging of the fruits and vegetables that are sold there. The Winter fest festival is currently ongoing through January 8, 2023, and it is open every weekend and holiday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During open hours, visitors can take a tractor ride, stroll through the fields, feed the amicable goats, or purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables. Additionally, there is a restaurant called Farmer's Table that offers organic juices, crisp salads, and delicious vegetables. Additionally, you may still get fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and baked goods online, with free delivery on orders above Dh200.

4. Rumailah Farms in Fujairah

The first Jersey cow milk farm in the UAE was established in 2017, and Rumailah Farm's herd of over 400 Jersey cows is organically grazed and milked locally to create the freshest and creamiest dairy products. The Fujairah-based Rumailah Farm produces milk, butter, laban, ice cream, and ghee, which is then sold at two coffee shops in Fujairah and Dibba as well as to businesses throughout the emirates. Two farm excursions are available for booking, both of which are entertaining for the whole family. One time each week, at precisely 6 a.m., the Full Farmers Package (DHS 350) is offered. It includes a hearty farm breakfast, milking, ice cream sampling, and a tour of the manufacturing facility. A tour of the facilities, ice cream tasting, and milking are all included in the basic tour package (Dsh150), which is offered daily at 4 p.m.

The much-anticipated Winterfest has started at Emirates Bio Farm, the largest privately owned organic farm in the United Arab Emirates. Friends and families can participate in a wide range of enjoyable and informative activities as temperatures around the nation begin to decrease. In addition to learning about organic farming, visitors can expect an engaging tour that includes opportunities to ride on a tractor, see the fields and greenhouse, and meet and feed the farm's cute, tiny goats. In addition to being able to buy the freshest organic, local goods at the Emirates Bio Farm Shop, visitors can also pick a small amount of seasonal vegetables during the tour.



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