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Al Ain's Best Kept Secret: 8 Things to do in Al Ain

Al Ain's Best Kept Secret: 8 Things to do in Al Ain

You just need to take an hour’s drive from Dubai and then another 90 minutes from Abu Dhabi to reach Al Ain. The place is famous as it is the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed who is the founding father comes in the country’s story. Al-Ain is a destination that is connected with nature’s beauty. Nature had well gifted the place with mountain peaks, palm trees, and cool hot springs.


1.Get ready for the Safari at Al Ain Zoo

It was opened to the public in the year 1969, Al Ain Zoo in the United Arab Emirates’ largest zoo which was founded by Sheikh Zayed. You can see gazelles, giraffes, and eland as well as endemic mammals like Arabian oryx and antelope. The big cat enclosures comprise tigers, pumas, lions, spotted leopards, and jaguars. You can also encounter a monkey compound, aviary section, and reptile house. This 400-hectare zoo is located at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet and You can take a drive-in safari truck and feed the lions. One of the best advantages of this zoo is its family-friendly features which include a petting zoo. Other activities you can indulge yourself in here are giraffe feeding activities, camel rides, and a children's garden where they give some biodiversity classes. Inside the zoo, there is a Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center, with exhibits on the Arabian Gulf's desert environment and ecology. It is going to be a perfect place to spend time with family over the weekend.

2.Go for a drive on the best road in the world - Jebel Hafeet 

The road is nearly 12 kilometers perfect, an almost lunar landscape, the smooth surface winds up the tall mountain on Al Ain’s border with Oman. The drive guarantees scenic views of the city and epic sunrise vista points. There is a steady climb that rises 1,240 meters which gives access to the UAE’s second-highest peak. Jebel Hafeet has made its name among the world’s greatest driving roads. At the top, you can go for a watch over Al Ain and the foothills where nearly 500 ancient burial tombs have been discovered. You can relax at any point in the base of Jebel Hafeet to the Green Mubazzarah park. There you can see hot water springs which locals argue have medicinal qualities. Get into the Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet hotel located near the mountain peak where You can have a sundowner view or even a game of mountain top mini-golf.

3.Relax at Mubazzarah Park by Soaking yourself in Hot Spring Pools

Mubazzarah Park is at the foot of Jebel Hafeet which is greenish amid the rocky and dry landscape. There is a lovely natural oasis where you can relax and is especially popular among the locals of the spot during sunset when families visit here for a get-together, picnics walks, and sometimes try out barbecues. There is plenty of space in the park for the kids so that they are free to run about. The main highlight here is mineral hot springs which have some medicinal properties that drive away your travel aches once you soak them up here. The hot water is also pumped in some areas of the park to make a narrow manmade stream where you can soak your feet. if you want a fuller soak, it is pumped up into two swimming pools. It is better to avoid a weekend visit here as the park is very much busy during this time. So, for a quieter experience try your visit on a weekday.

4.Visit the heritage village

Telal Resort at Al Ain is luxurious with a stunning spa, plush pool villas, and an array of desert-inspired activities. Along with it, it is also home to Zaman Lawal Heritage Village, where you can step back into some old times to experience the ancient times of Emirati ancestors. There is also a traditional souk where you can buy some local crafts, gleaming pearls, etc. You can have prayers at Al-Masjid; If

5.Take the kids to Hili Fun city

Hili Fun City is a great place for families with kids. This adventure park will make an enthralling day where you can challenge your fears and try something new. It offers more than 40 amusement rides and attractions like a huge ice rink, a large theatre, etc. You must try out some of the best rides like a roller coaster, elevated sky-flyer, and circus swing to make your day fill with fun. There is a special area for kids and adults with every adventure you are looking for at this best attraction you can see in Al Ain. As it's outside, it's better to make your visit in the early evening so that you can miss the scorching heat of the sun.

6.Go to the camel market

Al Ain's camel market is an excellent spot to experience the taste of local culture. The market is located on the outskirts of town, nearly nine kilometers from the city center. The place is a bit stinky but if you are okay with that, then it is going to be a fascinating experience for the travelers. This camel market is the last remaining one in the entire United Arab Emirates, and people from all over the region come here to buy and sell. If you want to buy a camel then head here early, nearly all the camel buying business happens in the morning.

7.Spend your time at Wadi Adventure Park

The water park contains surfing, kayaking, and white-water rafting which is the world's largest artificial surfing wave. White water has three levels of rafting rapids for the absolute beginners, as well as experienced rafters, and a long kayaking channel. For adventure seekers it is going to be a fun day, this is one of the top spots in the UAE where you can go for a surf, kayak, or white-water raft. There is an Air Park with zip lines, balance beams, and a giant swing. Here you have a family pool area for when you just want to relax.




8.Go glamping in a bubble tent




Planning a trek up at Jebel Hafeet at this marvel mountain? At the foothills of the mountain, you have a choice of tent styles, including luxury dome tents with showers and private bathrooms, bubble tents with an external private bathroom, and traditional tents with shared facilities. No matter what you book, you will be happy as there are plenty of different activities to keep you busy from a guided hiking tour to camel and horse riders.

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