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Top BBQ spots in Dubai for the UAE long weekend

Top BBQ spots in Dubai for the UAE long weekend

We have everything you need if you want to have a great barbecue with family and friends. Pick the ideal location, light the grill, and indulge in some delicious barbecue fare. We have compiled an amazing list of Dubai's best public BBQ locations to make things easier. The following locations are unquestionably worth a visit if you're wondering "where to barbecue in Dubai." These public barbecue areas in Dubai are also some of the best places to picnic in the city and have a fantastic time in the fresh air. If you want to enjoy the Dubai city tour, go into contact with one of the best tour and travel agencies in Dubai, UAE

Top BBQ spots in Dubai for the UAE long weekend

1. Dubai Creek Park

One of the oldest parks in the city, Dubai Creek Park, is the setting for the first of our list of the top public BBQ spots in Dubai. In the heart of historic Dubai, this park, which is situated right by the Dubai Creek, is a true oasis. One of the most well-liked places for picnics in Dubai, this park covers over 96 hectares. The park offers a number of designated BBQ sites, play areas for kids, gardens, and entertaining activities like mini-golf and go-karting for the whole family in addition to its designated BBQ sites The cable car, which offers vistas of the city that are unmatched anywhere else, is our favourite feature of Dubai Creek Park. Therefore, head over to this Dubai barbecue spot with a picnic blanket, charcoal, and your favourite cuts of meat and light them on fire.

2. Jumeirah Beach Park BBQ

On Jumeirah Beach Road, just adjacent to the Dubai Ladies Club, is the next location on our list of BBQ joints in Dubai. Jumeirah Beach Park is a neighbourhood-friendly park that has long been a favourite among locals, in addition to being one of the city's most well-known outdoor barbeque sites. Remember that grilling on the sand is not allowed if you want to use the Jumeirah Beach Park BBQ. The authorised barbecue areas, which include grills and lots of seating, must be used. While the food is cooking, young children can amuse themselves in the play area and get hungry.


Visitors love to gather in the BBQ area of Mushrif Park. The miniature traditional homes, plants, and fauna in this park are noted for being kid-friendly. The Aventura Adventure Park is the main attraction, with a treetop, zip-line-based obstacle course that is enjoyable for both kids and adults. Regarding the BBQ area in Mushrif Park, there are designated grills and unreserved spaces where you can pitch a tent and spend the day outside.

4. Al Qura Lake

Amazing camping grounds may be found in Dubai around Al Qudra Lake. Residents looking for public BBQ spots in Dubai have recently made this area their preferred location. Despite being artificial, Al Qudra Lake attracts a lot of wildlife, so don't forget to pack your camera. Take the appropriate safety measures before lighting a fire or a barbecue if you're visiting this well-known barbecue location in Dubai. Instead of using the sand for cooking, use a pot or a BBQ pit. Regulations at Al Qudra Lake. Al Qudra Lake is regarded as one of the best BBQ spots in Dubai due to its natural charms.


The perennially well-liked Al Mamzar Beach Park comes in second on our list of the top outdoor grilling locations in Dubai. After a refreshing swim in the ocean, unwind on the park's luscious green grass. Compared to other picnic areas in Dubai, this location is less congested. Visitors can enjoy water sports, including jet skiing and grilling, in a separate area at Al Mamzar Beach Park. If you're looking for family-friendly public BBQ sites in Dubai, this one is a must-visit because it has a separate play area for children as well as other amenities like swimming pools and running tracks.


The stunning Safa Park must be mentioned when discussing the most well-liked barbeque locations in Dubai. This Dubai park is the ideal place to spend time with the family and is situated on Al Wasl Road. Safa Park includes designated BBQ grills scattered throughout the neighbourhood in addition to the lush green gardens and children's play spaces. In addition, renting bikes and taking a boat cruise are options.


One of Dubai's most well-liked spots to have a BBQ is Zabeel Park. Everywhere you look in this park, you'll see designated BBQ spaces surrounded by lush green vegetation.

8. Hatta Hill Park

Hatta, a village in the mountains of Dubai, is a popular destination for both visitors and locals. To escape the responsibilities of everyday life, one can go to town. Hatta Hill Park is a charming addition to the area. It was founded in 2004 and has a mountainous terrain covering 63,915 square kilometres. In order to witness the amazing, enormous rocks and a settlement from the summit, begin by hiking up the magnificent mountain. Work your way down and take pleasure in a well-earned barbecue. It's a great place for family enjoyment, with a special playground for kids, a sports field, and a big jogging track. Your action-packed day can start with a trip to Hatta Lake or Hatta Wadi Hub and end with a filling lunch at this outstanding BBQ restaurant in Dubai.

9. Park Al Rashidiya

There's a chance you've never heard of this BBQ joint in Dubai. Family groups will like the intimate, cosy setting. Al Rashidiya is easily accessible if you own or rent an apartment there and want to have some fun. This park has a lot to offer, including lush green areas, a running track, children playing, and a tiny covered area for grilling.

10. Community BBQ Stations

Barbecuing is not permitted on balconies in villas or apartments owned or rented by Greens residents due to safety concerns. There are likely specified locations in the area to receive your dose. Other high-rise apartment buildings must follow the same rules. For instance, tenants of JBR's flats and villas enjoy access to shared BBQ areas.

The Christmas and holiday seasons are among the best times of the year for reconnecting with loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Although individuals who reside in Dubai may be aware of the various opportunities to spend quality time with their loved ones, this is the time of year when many visitors arrive for the weekend and are occasionally overwhelmed with the number of options available for the items that must be on their bucket lists. Our opinion is that now is the best time of year to have a picnic because the weather is ideal, the holiday mood is in full swing, and the energy is high. It goes without saying that a well-planned outdoor evening includes lighting the grill for a BBQ session.
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