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8 Must-Do Things in Dubai to Enjoy Its Luxurious Side

8 Must-Do Things in Dubai to Enjoy Its Luxurious Side

Wealthy individuals favour Dubai when it comes to opulence. No one, regardless of social level, can deny that this amazing city in the UAE has had such an influence on the world's tourism map. Personalized options are available for everything that is larger-than-life. You can order a custom-made pair of shoes, purchase a diamond-studded phone, ride in the most expensive vehicle, dine at the most luxurious hotel, rent a helicopter and a yacht, or arrange for an opulent desert safari. You'll actually be spoiled for choice with all the luxurious activities Dubai has to offer. Here is a list of opulent hobbies that you might indulge in to enjoy life's luxuries. If you'd like to take a trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, get in touch with one of the best travel and tour agencies there.

1. A private dinner at Burj Al Arab

The Burj al Arab, which is touted as the only seven-star hotel in the world, is a treat to enjoy a variety of fine cuisine. The Burj Al Arab hotel has a variety of elegant and distinctive restaurants in addition to mouthwatering cuisine. Al Mahara is a seafood restaurant that also has an aquarium, whereas the Sky Perspective Bar and Restaurant provides a bird's-eye view of the city and delicious afternoon and high tea. Aside from the decor, each restaurant at the Burj Al Arab has its own menu. You can try Arabic, European, and Japanese food at the different restaurants there.

2. Dining at the Armani Hotel

Hotel Armani, one of the most opulent hotels, is located inside the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Six restaurants in this top-notch hotel offer not only the best and most delectable cuisine but also first-rate services and comfort. While dining at one of Hotel Armani's restaurants, you would also get to take in the lovely view of the city in addition to the food. It's also amazing to think about spending time inside the tallest structure!

3. An overnight desert safari with a barbecue dinner

Get out of your hotel room's protection and relish the thrill of spending the night in the deserts of Dubai. Request a pickup from your accommodation to the desert as part of an overnight desert safari. After dune bashing, sandboarding is a fun activity to do on the dunes. Ride a camel and try photography while the sun is concluding its work for the day. Experience a warm welcome at the campsite, where a variety of entertainment options are waiting for you. These options include henna tattoos, traditional Ara costume photographs, smoking Arabic shisha, Tanoura dance performances, and belly dance performances, as well as a delicious BBQ meal. To unwind and awaken the following morning feeling refreshed, tuck yourself inside the comfortable tent.

4. Use a private helicopter for sightseeing.

Hiring a private helicopter for sightseeing will help you avoid traffic if you detest it. If your hotel has a helipad, you can take a helicopter to the desert and take in the breath-taking views of both Dubai and its neighbour, Oman. If you want to see Arabian oryx and giraffe in the UAE, you can fly to islands like Sir Baniyas Island and Yas Marina Circuit to see them.

5. Use a Super Yacht

The best option if you enjoy the sea and want to take in the splendour of the city from the water is to go on a yacht trip. The boats are outfitted with a luxurious interior, a personal butler, and a staff to tend to your every need. Enjoy the breath-taking splendour of the Dubai seascape. Enjoy fishing, learn about the ocean's hidden mysteries, and indulge in luxury crewed service.

6. Purchase custom-made shoes

Without purchasing something to show off when you arrive home, a vacation is not complete. A string to your wallet is also a sin when you are in a shopping haven like Dubai. Simply head to the Dubai Mall and indulge in a shopping binge. If no retail store carries shoes in your size, visit Level Shoes District, a high-end retailer, and place an order for a custom pair. Any sort of footwear can be made at the store to your specifications by an experienced on-site cobbler. Any expert on shoes will congratulate you on your decision when you wear the custom footwear.

7. Limousine, Luxury Travel

A sleek limousine would be the ideal luxury vehicle, and Dubai has a tonne of them. Riding in a limo is not only thrilling but also very comfortable, whether you're touring or celebrating a particular occasion. The luxury limousine tour would be the highlight of your entire trip, whether it was just you and your significant other or a bunch of friends. Enjoy a glass of champagne while you unwind on the limousine's luxurious seats and watch the city pass by in elegance.

8. Take a private hot-air balloon ride.

Going on a hot air balloon flight is the finest way to appreciate Dubai's spectacular deserts, which are well-known for their grandeur. Most hot air balloon excursions begin just before dawn, giving you the chance to witness a magnificent sunrise as the sand dunes take on a golden tint. As opposed to a typical desert safari, you would also have the opportunity to see the desert's flora and fauna. Choose a private hot-air balloon ride to give your trip a unique touch. Couples should take advantage of it, especially if you want to propose to your partner.

These are just a handful of the extravagant activities that you may do in Dubai to experience its privileged and opulent side. There are also a number of other private activities available. You can benefit from luxury, comfort, and adventure in Dubai with the assistance of a reputable destination management company.


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