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How To Choose The Best Dubai Dhow Cruise Travel Guide All You Need To Know

How To Choose The Best Dubai Dhow Cruise Travel Guide All You Need To Know

Dubai's dhow cruises offer a unique way to explore the city’s blend of traditional and modern attractions. These cruises provide scenic views, delightful dining, and captivating entertainment, making them a must-try experience for any visitor. This guide will help you choose the best dhow cruise in Dubai, ensuring a memorable journey through this vibrant city.

Selecting the Best Dhow Cruise in Dubai - A Complete Guide

Understanding Dhow Cruises
What is a Dhow Cruise?

A dhow cruise involves sailing on a traditional wooden boat called a dhow. Historically used for trading, these boats are now repurposed for leisure cruises, offering a unique way to see Dubai’s waterfronts.

Types of Dhow Cruises
Dubai Creek vs. Dubai Marina

Dubai Creek: Offers a journey through the heart of old Dubai. You'll see historical landmarks such as the Al Fahidi Fort, bustling souks, and traditional architecture.
Dubai Marina: Showcases the modern skyline of Dubai. Expect stunning views of skyscrapers, luxurious yachts, and a vibrant promenade​ (Rayna Tours Blog)​​ (Headout)​.
Choosing the Right Cruise
Consider Your Interests

Historical Experience: Opt for a Dubai Creek cruise if you’re interested in the city’s history and culture.
Modern Luxury: Choose a Dubai Marina cruise for a glimpse of contemporary Dubai and its architectural marvels​ (Headout)​​ (Dhow cruise In Dubai )​.
Time of Day

Daytime Cruises: Great for sightseeing and capturing the city’s daytime activities.
Sunset Cruises: Offer a romantic and picturesque setting as the sun sets over the city.
Evening Cruises: Highlight the city’s illuminated skyline, providing a magical atmosphere with live entertainment​ (Mala Tourism)​​ (The Travel Bunny)​.
Features to Look For
Dining Options

Most dhow cruises offer a buffet-style dinner with a variety of cuisines, including Arabic, continental, and Asian dishes. Some cruises provide specialty dining experiences catered by top hotels​ (Rayna Tours Blog)​​ (The Travel Bunny)​.

2024 Dubai Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise with Live Entertainment

Traditional performances such as Tanoura and belly dancing are common on dhow cruises. These performances add an authentic cultural touch to your cruise experience​ (The Travel Bunny)​.

Deck Options

Open-Air Upper Deck: Ideal for enjoying the open air and unobstructed views.
Air-Conditioned Lower Deck: Provides comfort with large windows for scenic views​ (Dhow cruise In Dubai )​.
Booking Tips
Choose Reputable Providers
Select a cruise operator with good reviews and extensive experience. This ensures a high-quality experience and reliable service. Avoid middlemen to get the best prices​ (Rayna Tours Blog)​​ (Headout)​.

Special Packages
Look for packages that include additional perks like hotel transfers, special occasion themes (e.g., New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day), and customizable private cruises​ (Rayna Tours Blog)​.

What is the best time to go for a dhow cruise in Dubai?
The best time depends on your preference. Sunset and evening cruises are popular for their scenic beauty and cooler temperatures.

How much does a dhow cruise cost?
Prices can range from AED 40 to AED 450, depending on the cruise duration, inclusions, and the operator’s reputation​ (Dhow cruise In Dubai )​.

What should I wear on a dhow cruise?
Smart casual attire is recommended. Bring a light jacket for the evening as it can get windy on the open deck.

Are dhow cruises family-friendly?
Yes, many dhow cruises are family-friendly and offer entertainment that appeals to all age groups.

Can I book a private dhow cruise?
Yes, many operators offer private charters for special occasions, corporate events, or family gatherings.

What kind of food is served on a dhow cruise?
Most dhow cruises offer an international buffet with a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options​ (Rayna Tours Blog)​​ (The Travel Bunny)​.

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Choosing the best dhow cruise in Dubai involves considering your interests, the type of experience you want, and the cruise’s features. Whether you’re exploring the historical Dubai Creek or the modern Dubai Marina, a dhow cruise promises an unforgettable experience. For reliable services and tailored packages, consider booking with Forever Tourism LLC.


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