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The top 6 great at-home catering options in Dubai for your dinner party

The top 6 great at-home catering options in Dubai for your dinner party

It might be enjoyable to host a dinner party, but the preparation can wear the host out before the event even begins. There are several establishments in Dubai that offer at-home catering, and while ordering delivery at home is one alternative, it is sure to please both you and your visitors. These caterers will handle all the food-related aspects, whether it's 10 of your closest friends and family or birthday festivities that exceed 100 people. If you're interested in taking advantage of the Dubai City Tour, get in contact with one of the best travel and tour agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1. Bouffage

In the United Arab Emirates, Boufage has a solid reputation as the most dependable private in-home caterer. No catering assignment is too big or small for Bouffage, who will essentially cater to your demands for everything from weddings and corporate catering to small intimate parties for your closest friends and family. To give your gatherings a little extra, they even offer live station catering.

2. Food and drink establishment

Eat and Drink is well-known throughout Dubai for their shawarma and mixed grill, but they also provide in-home catering services. When you have visitors around and want to serve something good and simple, this is the ideal solution. When you order shawarma, the shawarma vendor will come to your home, set up his table, and prepare it for you. He finishes, cleans up any mess, and then proceeds on his way. Your home is tidy and free from any party noise.

3. Eat Catering

Eat Catering offers a plethora of possibilities if you genuinely desire an outstanding catering service. Kiosks, private catering for events of any size, and even food trucks are all available from Eat Catering (yes, food truck services are available for any event). There are many different dishes to pick from, and you may let your guests customise their orders while they're there.

4. Coffee + Kitchen LDC

Dubai's native restaurant offers delectable, top-notch catering services ideal for business and group gatherings. including a variety of freshly baked bread, a custom selection of canapes, and more, in addition to their specialty coffee. To guarantee that you and your guests have a wonderful experience, the catering crew offers personalised services and attends to every detail.

5. Roberto’s

With in-home catering from DIFC's always-chic Roberto's, you can treat your guests to an evening of delicious Italian cuisine. With three set menu options starting at Dhs750 per person and drink packages starting at Dhs125 per person, this elegant and high-end Italian restaurant offers sophisticated at-home catering. Reservations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the event, and a minimum of five attendees are required.

6. Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Did you know that the most popular Mexican restaurant in Dubai, which serves some of the greatest tacos in the city, also offers a catering service? Their all-inclusive in-home catering services will amaze your guests at birthday celebrations or corporate occasions. It's ideal to add a touch of Mexico to your next dinner gathering.



In Dubai, having a little gathering with family and friends is an important aspect of daily life, and wonderful parties are always accompanied by fantastic food. But as much as we'd like to host visitors, work might sometimes make the planning too difficult. However, that doesn't mean we should give up on our social lives either. People simply do not have the time or energy to go grocery shopping or prepare party food appetisers or dinners. Catering services have helped busy people all around the world, and Dubai is no exception. We've put together a short list of unique and reasonably priced catering services in Dubai that will not only take the stress out of cooking for your guests but will also be sure to impress them.

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