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Get Ready to Be Amazed: 4 Dubai Mega Projects That Will Change the Face of the City

Get Ready to Be Amazed: 4 Dubai Mega Projects That Will Change the Face of the City

Want more proof that Dubai is one of the world's most innovative and rapidly growing cities? Then look at these huge projects that are going to be built in Dubai. Here are 4 huge projects in Dubai that we can't wait to see more of. They range from plans for whole islands to plans for redeveloping the city's coast. Contact one of the best travel and tour agencies in the UAE if you want to take a Dubai city tour.


Dubai is known as the "City of Dreams" because of its tall skyscrapers, fancy shopping malls, and amazing man-made structures. The city has always been a center of innovation and growth, and its big and unique projects never fail to impress the rest of the world. Dubai has set a high standard for future projects, from the Burj Khalifa to the Palm Jumeirah. In this blog, we look at the top 10 upcoming mega projects in Dubai that will change the skyline and change the way we live and work.

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1. Dubai Islands

This project off the coast of Deira, which used to be called Deira Islands, will now be called Dubai Islands, master developer Nahkeel said in August 2022. There are big plans to make the five-island development a place that will change what it means to live by the water. Each island will have something different to offer, from new ways to live to cultural hubs, sports beaches, and beach clubs. There will be more than 80 resorts and hotels on the islands. Nakheel says that this includes "luxury and wellness resorts, boutique, family, and eco-conscious hotels," all of which will help Dubai's tourism and hospitality drive. It will also have 20 kilometers of beaches, one of which will be a Blue Flag beach, which is a well-known award given to beaches that meet strict environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility standards.

2. Palm Jebel Ali

Even though Nakheel, the company that built the famous Palm Jumeirah, hasn't confirmed it yet, reports say that the Palm Jebel Ali project, which stopped in 2009, is being looked at again. In the past few years, Dubai's real estate market has made a strong comeback, so we could soon hear some big news about this huge island. The second palm-shaped island in the city is about 50 percent bigger than the first. The original plans called for six marinas, a water theme park, and even a "Sea Village," where homes would be built over the water.

3. Islands of the World

The World Islands Project, which started in 2008, was another very ambitious island project. After being quiet for more than a decade, there is now a lot going on at this offshore archipelago. Megaprojects are springing up all over the islands. The Thai-born luxury hotel brand Anantara opened this dreamy resort on the most southern of the World Islands in December 2021. It is a 15-minute boat ride from Dubai. The island resort has rustic-luxe villas with private pools, unique experiences like bubble dining and a floating hamaca, and a lagoon-sized swimming pool. The jaw-dropping Heart of Europe archipelago, which is made up of six islands, is coming along nicely. The first of about 15 hotels, Cote d'Azur Monaco, is now open for business. On the same island, you'll also find the raining street, the Middle East's largest swimming pool, and a few more hotels that will open soon. All of these are meant to give Dubai a European feel. In 2025, Zuha Island will join them. It will be made by the same people who made the amazing Zaya resort in Abu Dhabi. The private island will have only 30 villas with six bedrooms, as well as a boutique retreat with 70 villas with private pools, a beach club, and a tranquil spa and healing center.

4. Wasl's The Island

We haven't heard much about The Island by Wasl, a huge project off the coast of Dubai near the Burj Al Arab, in a while. But a little digging on the Internet shows that this project is still being worked on. This Umm Suqeuim development by Al Wasl was first announced in 2017. At the time, MGM intended for the 3.5 million square meter development to become a hotel and entertainment district. The planning and management company Mirage Global's website says that the island will have three famous Las Vegas resorts: Bellagio, MGM, and Aria. There will also be a beach club, an entertainment venue, a lagoon, and many shops and restaurants. We don't know when the island will open, but MGM Resorts CEO and president Bill Hornbuckle said on earnings call in August 2022 that the project has begun and that work is still going on. At the time, he said that the integrated resort would not have any gambling but that he was "very interested" in how gambling was changing in the area.

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