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Top 10 free parks in Dubai with playgrounds for children aged 3 to 5

Top 10 free parks in Dubai with playgrounds for children aged 3 to 5

Dubai, is a place with desert nature with extremely hot weather, few people would believe there are lush parks with playgrounds in it. Nearly every neighbourhood has many numbers of parks and open areas ideal for kids to play. In Dubai, there are a lot of parks with various amenities. The list of the top 10 free parks in Dubai with playgrounds for children aged 3 to 5 is given below with the facilities available there.

1. Bay Avenue Play Area 

This play area, with a gated entrance and fenced-off, is convenient for kids whether you are visiting friends nearby, need a break from shopping at Dubai Mall, or simply want to go somewhere unique. There are lots of swings, slides, and climbing frames, which are best for smaller kids. Parking is typically simple, and you can go across the street for any necessities and a coffee.

2.Zabeel Park

This large park, which is home to the Dubai Frame, is well-liked by people of all ages, whether for a walk or a cricket match. While park entry is free with a ticket to Dubai Frame, utilise the other entrances if you merely want to use the park. There is a big children’s play area close to gate 1 with a large hill of big slides, rocks to climb, and various small playgrounds dotted about. If you arrive in time for sunset, you can sit on one of the amphitheatre ledges with a picnic, by holding a glass of drink and watching the sun go down from the grassy amphitheatre.

3.Dubai Creek Park

This large park next to Dubai Creek is perfect for a family and for small children for watching abras and boats splash past. Being one of the older parks in Dubai and the second largest park of Dubai, it may get very crowded. There are numerous playgrounds, but on warm days, a trip to Children’s City is essential for inside fun. A Dolphinarium, Children’s City, a cable car, bike rentals, a few playgrounds, and a BBQ or picnic area are among the amenities offered in the park. Therefore, having fun with your baby is very enjoyable.

4. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT Park)

This neighbourhood park, which was previously a lake and is now hidden behind JLT’s buildings, this park is divided into three sections, one of which has a beautiful set of swings for babies and toddlers Another is for kids aged four and above and there is a section with a giant black spider’s web climbing structure and zip line for older kids. Within the play area, there are restrooms, dress changing facilities with in play area, and  security staff. There are many greeny locations where you can spread out a rug and eat. Hats and sunscreen are advised in the morning because of the sun rays, but in the late afternoon, the towers provide shade.

5.The Greens

The fully shaded park is located in the centre of the Greens and it is great for kids of all ages There are slides, four swings and a huge spider’s web climbing frame – plus lots of sand to dig and to find hidden treasure. You can ride a scooter Next to the ponds in the Greens, and make use of the shady pathway around the lakes. You can walk to The Greens Village where there is a store and a variety of neighbourhood cafés and a supermarket.

6.Al Sufouh Park

Parking on the sand at the back of the park will provide you immediate access to the two shaded play areas, which are situated in a peaceful area close to Hessa Street and Al Sufouh Road. This cosy park is small but still has a cushioned running track, football, basketball, and sand volleyball courts, as well as a small window coffee shop serving a variety of items from snacks to ice cream. It is more apt for  toddlers and younger children and has small slides, swings etc.

7.Al Ittihad Park(aka Palm Park)

Younger children will love the slide, wooden playhouses, and seesaws in this long, this, spread-out park beneath the Palm monorail, which has little play areas dotted throughout. This park doesn’t have the swings, but water fountains that turn on periodically throughout the day, they’re fun to splash in. In order to let their children, ride their scooters through the park while their parents enjoy a meal or hot beverage or shop for a few necessities, restaurants and coffee shops provide outdoor seating that faces the park.

8.Safa Park

This tiny park is a hidden gem and a green oasis off Al Manara Street. The park has three distinct play areas, so there is plenty to keep the youngsters occupied. Numerous trees offer shade for picnics, a tiny kiosk in the centre sells straightforward snacks and drinks, and the park has restrooms. Before the epidemic, it was a favourite for kids’ parties on the weekends and is lovely and peaceful on a weekday morning.

9.Al Khazzan Park

The park is situated in the middle of the city and it is well protected. Al Khazzan Park is opposite City Walk and Burj Khalifa for a backdrop. At its centre is a striking water tower with blue and white stripes. There are two shaded playgrounds with climbing frames, swings, and slides that are shaded, one for toddlers and the other for older kids. The exciting news is that there is a peaceful library nearby, and the library’s walls are made of coral from the United Arab Emirates. The oldest trees in the UAE can be found at the library. Al Khazzan Park is home to a Hapi Café. From pancakes and other breakfast items to grilled steak, bone marrow, and a variety of gourmet coffee, it offers everything you could possibly want in terms of trendy artisanal. Outside, there is street parking and restrooms are also available.

10.Umm Sequim Park

The name given to this park was Aka Burj Beach Park by some person. the location is absolutely stunning due to its proximity to Kite Beach and its sea views, along with Burj Al Khalifa. This park has a play area at the end.  it has  climbing structures for people who are comfortable on their feet and older kids, a climbing structure in the Umm Sequim Park is perfect. In the park, there is a small café and restrooms. The sea breeze can be a welcome relief from  the heat in the late afternoon because Umm Park is close to Kite beach. You can spend a day at the beach and a day playing in the park in the same trip. would maintain the family’s happiness.

Contrary to what one might expect from Dubai's desert climate and scorching temperatures, the city is home to numerous verdant parks with ample playgrounds that cater to young children. Each neighborhood boasts a variety of public spaces perfectly suited for kids aged 3 to 5 to enjoy. Dubai offers an array of parks, each equipped with diverse facilities. Here's a rundown of the top 10 parks in Dubai that are free to enter and have playgrounds designed for toddlers and young children.

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