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Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai: Discover the Thrills of the First Sub-Zero Lounge in the Middle East

Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai: Discover the Thrills of the First Sub-Zero Lounge in the Middle East

Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Chillout Ice Lounge stands as a unique testament to the city's innovative spirit and its quest to offer new and exciting experiences to residents and tourists alike. This extraordinary lounge is the first of its kind in the Middle East, featuring an environment where the walls, tables, chairs, and even the glasses you drink from are made entirely of ice. In this blog, we'll dive into the frosty depths of Chillout Ice Lounge, exploring everything that makes it a must-visit destination in Dubai.

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What is Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai?

Chillout Ice Lounge is not just a novelty; it's a full-fledged lounge that combines the novelty of sub-zero temperatures with a comfortable, if not surreal, ambiance. Opened in 2007, this lounge has evolved from a mere ice-themed attraction to a sophisticated spot where you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages and an assortment of warm snacks, all while bundled up in cozy thermal wear provided by the lounge itself.

Dubai Chillout Ice Lounge With Pick Up And Drop Off

The Mesmerizing Interior and Ambiance
Upon entering Chillout Ice Lounge, you are transported into a world that mirrors a winter wonderland, with temperatures maintained at a chilly -6 degrees Celsius. The interior is a spectacle of ice sculptures and detailed carvings that change periodically to give repeat visitors a fresh experience. Soft, ambient lighting filters through the ice, casting a magical glow that feels both otherworldly and inviting.

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Unique Features and Design
Ice Sculptures: Masterfully carved ice sculptures adorn the lounge, featuring everything from famous landmarks to abstract art.
Illuminated Interiors: The use of lighting within the ice creates enchanting colors that enhance the frosty experience.
Architectural Marvels: From an ice bridge to a bar made entirely of ice, every corner of this lounge is a photo opportunity.
Dining at Chillout Ice Lounge
Chillout Ice Lounge offers a unique dining experience where even the plates on which your food is served are made of ice. The menu features a variety of dishes, each designed to complement the icy environment.

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Beverages and Snacks
Hot Chocolate: A popular choice, served in glasses made of ice, which contrasts delightfully with the warm drink.
Mocktails and Juices: Refreshing cold drinks that maintain their chill in the frozen surroundings.
Warm Soups: Perfect for warming yourself from the inside out.
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Specialty Dishes
Arabian Mezze: A selection of Middle Eastern appetizers that are a hit among locals and tourists alike.
Sandwiches and Pastries: Served warm, these snacks are a comforting treat in the cold lounge.
The Chillout Experience: What to Expect
Visiting Chillout Ice Lounge is about more than just the novelty of the temperature; it's an immersive experience that combines sight, taste, and touch.

Arrival and Preparation
Thermal Clothing: Upon arrival, guests are provided with thermal clothing, including hooded parkas, woolen gloves, and boots, to help adapt to the sub-zero temperatures.
Acclimatization Zone: Guests spend a few minutes in a transitional area set to 5 degrees Celsius to prepare for the sudden drop in temperature.
Enjoying the Lounge
Seating Areas: Ice benches covered with fur and leather cushions offer comfort without compromising the ice theme.
Entertainment: Ambient music and occasional live performances add to the relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere.
Events and Parties
Chillout Ice Lounge is not just for casual visits; it's also a popular venue for hosting unique events and parties.

Private Events
Birthday Parties: A favorite for children and adults looking for a memorable birthday celebration.
Corporate Functions: Ideal for companies wanting to break the ice (literally) and foster team bonding.
Themed Nights and Special Occasions
Christmas Celebrations: Featuring special decorations, music, and a festive atmosphere.
Halloween Parties: With spooky ice sculptures and themed treats.
Visitor Information
Location: Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
Opening Hours: Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Ticket Prices: Approximately AED 80 for adults, with discounts available for children and families.

FAQs about Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai

How long can visitors stay in the lounge?
Visitors can stay inside the lounge for approximately 40-45 minutes per session.
Is the Chillout Ice Lounge suitable for children?
Yes, children of all ages are welcome, and there are many interactive features designed for younger guests.
What are the health and safety measures at Chillout Ice Lounge?
The lounge is equipped with modern safety features, and guests are monitored for comfort and well-being throughout their visit.
Can I take photographs inside the lounge?
Yes, photography is encouraged, and the lounge provides many picturesque spots.
Are there any dress code requirements?
No specific dress code, as thermal wear is provided, but guests are advised to wear comfortable clothing underneath.
How do I book tickets for Chillout Ice Lounge?
Tickets can be purchased at the venue or through the official website of Forever Tourism LLC at

Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai is a captivating destination that combines the thrill of sub-zero temperatures with the warmth of Arabian hospitality. Whether you're looking to escape the desert heat for a few hours or seeking a unique dining and entertainment experience, Chillout Ice Lounge offers an unforgettable adventure that is as educational as it is exhilarating.

Remember, if you're planning your trip, you can book your visit through Forever Tourism to ensure a seamless and memorable experience.

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