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Booking Inside The Country Visa

Booking Inside The Country Visa

Booking an inside-the-country visa involves a procedure that allows individuals to modify their immigration status while staying within the same country. This option is invaluable for those who need to extend their visit, switch their visa type, or correct their status without the need to exit and re-enter the country.

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Eligibility Criteria
Who Can Apply?

Tourists and Visitors: Those who entered the country on a tourist or visit visa and wish to extend their stay.
Employees and Job Seekers: Individuals who found employment or need more time to explore job opportunities.
Students and Academics: Students who need to extend their stay for educational purposes.
Required Documents
Document Checklist

Passport: Valid for at least six months.
Current Visa Copy: A copy of the visa you wish to change or extend.
Photographs: Passport-sized photos as per the specified dimensions.
Proof of Status: Documentation supporting the reason for your stay or extension.
Application Form: Completed with accurate information.
Step-by-Step Application Process
Detailed Guide

Prepare Your Documents: Gather all the required documents mentioned above.
Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the application accurately, ensuring no errors.
Submit the Application: Through the designated channels, which may include online platforms or direct submission at an immigration office.
Pay the Fees: Complete the payment process for the application, which varies based on visa type and duration.
Track Your Application: Use the provided references to keep an eye on your application status.
Receive Your Visa: Once processed, your new visa will be issued.
Processing Time
What to Expect

The processing time can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the type of visa and the current workload of the immigration office. It's advisable to apply well in advance of your current visa's expiration date.

Fees and Costs
Breakdown of Charges

The cost for booking an inside-the-country visa varies significantly based on the type of visa, duration of stay, and additional services like expedited processing. Generally, fees range from AED 500 to AED 2000.

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Common Challenges and Solutions
How to Overcome Them

Delays in Processing: Ensure all documents are correct and submitted on time. Follow up regularly.
Documentation Errors: Double-check all entries and document validity before submission.
Rejections: Understand the reasons for rejection and address them in a new application.
Benefits of Using Forever Tourism
Why Choose Us?

Forever Tourism provides expert guidance and efficient processing of inside-the-country visas. Our services include:

Expert Advice: Get professional advice on the best visa option for your needs.
Hassle-Free Processing: We handle all paperwork and submissions, making the process seamless for you.
Support and Assistance: Our team is here to help you at every step of the way.

Can I change my tourist visa to a work visa without leaving the country?
Yes, with the right documentation and under specific conditions, you can change your tourist visa to a work visa inside the country.
How long can I extend my visa inside the country?
Extensions depend on the original visa type, but generally, you can extend for up to 90 days.
What if my visa application is rejected?
You should understand the reason for rejection and consult with an expert to reapply correctly.
Are there any special conditions for certain nationalities?
Yes, some nationalities might have specific requirements or restrictions, so it's essential to check with the immigration authorities.
How can I ensure my inside-the-country visa is processed quickly?
Provide all required documents in the correct format and opt for expedited processing if available.
Is there a refund policy if my application is not successful?
Typically, visa application fees are non-refundable, but service fees might be partially refundable depending on the provider.

Booking an inside-the-country visa can significantly simplify your travel and transition processes. With the right preparation and understanding of the procedure, you can ensure a smooth experience. Remember that Forever Tourism is your partner in this journey, ready to assist you with personalized services and support.

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