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60 days dubai uae tourist visa

60 days dubai uae tourist visa

Dubai, a city famed for its breathtaking architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and luxury shopping, is a top destination for tourists worldwide. Obtaining a 60-day tourist visa for the UAE can significantly enhance your travel experience, giving you ample time to explore not just Dubai but also the wider Emirates. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about securing and making the most of your 60-day Dubai UAE tourist visa


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To apply for a 60-day tourist visa, you must meet specific criteria set by the UAE government, including having a valid passport, proof of onward travel, and in some cases, a sponsor within the UAE.

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Application Process
The application process for a tourist visa is straightforward but requires attention to detail. You can apply online or through various UAE consulates.

Required Documents
Key documents include a completed application form, passport-sized photographs, and sometimes bank statements or sponsor letters, depending on your nationality.

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Benefits of the 60-Day Tourist Visa

Extended Stay Benefits
The extended 60-day period allows for a more relaxed itinerary, giving tourists the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and explore at a leisurely pace.

Exploring Dubai and the UAE
With two months at your disposal, you can visit famous landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood.

How to Apply for the 60-Day Visa

Step-by-Step Guide
This section will provide a detailed guide on the application process, from online submission to tracking the visa status.

Tips for a Successful Application
Practical tips to enhance your visa approval chances include ensuring your passport has six months' validity and double-checking all submitted information.

Costs Associated with the 60-Day Visa

Visa Fees
The fees for a 60-day visa vary but are typically higher than shorter-duration visas due to the extended stay benefits.

Additional Costs
Consider potential additional costs such as travel insurance and health checks, which may be required.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Application Errors
Common errors include incorrect personal details, inadequate documentation, and failure to meet eligibility requirements.

Timing and Planning
Proper timing is crucial to avoid issues such as visa expiration or insufficient processing time before your travel date.

What to Do Once You Arrive

Upon arrival, some nationalities may need to register their visa or convert their entry permit into a residency permit.

Compliance with Local Laws
Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs to ensure a trouble-free stay.

Places to Visit with a 60-Day Visa

Top Attractions
Explore Dubai’s top sites including the Miracle Garden, the Palm Jumeirah, and the global village.

Hidden Gems
Discover lesser-known attractions such as the Al Qudra Lakes or the Dubai Frame.

Accommodation and Living

Budgeting for Accommodation
Options range from luxury hotels to more economical serviced apartments.

Choosing the Right Location
Consider locations based on proximity to tourist attractions, public transport links, and your budget.

Transport Options

Public vs. Private Transport
Understanding the pros and cons of Dubai's public transport system versus private vehicle hire.

Cultural Tips and Etiquette

Dress Code
Dressing conservatively is important in many public places throughout the UAE.

Social Norms
Understanding local social norms can help you avoid faux pas and interact respectfully with locals.

Visa Extension and Overstay Consequences

How to Extend
If you wish to extend your stay beyond 60 days, there are procedures in place, but these require early application to avoid penalties.

Penalties for Overstaying
Overstaying can result in fines and other legal complications, so it’s crucial to adhere to the visa timeline.

Comparing 30-Day and 90-Day Visas

Benefits and Drawbacks
This section compares the different types of tourist visas available, helping you decide which best fits your travel plans.

Can I work on a 60-day tourist visa?
No, you cannot legally work on a 60-day tourist visa in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. Tourist visas are intended for visiting purposes only. If you wish to work in the UAE, you must obtain a proper employment visa, which is usually sponsored by the employer.

What if I need to leave the UAE and return during my 60-day stay?
Generally, the 60-day tourist visa for the UAE is issued as a single-entry visa, which means once you leave the UAE, the visa will no longer be valid for re-entry. If you plan to exit and re-enter the UAE during your stay, you might need to apply for a multiple-entry visa or another single-entry visa for your return.

Can family members accompany me on a 60-day visa?
Yes, family members can accompany you to the UAE on their own 60-day tourist visas. Each family member, including children, will need to apply for their individual visas. Some travel agencies and airlines offer assistance in obtaining family visas, making the process more streamlined.

What is the process for a visa extension?
If you wish to extend your 60-day tourist visa, you can apply for a visa extension for an additional 30 days without the need to leave the country. You must apply for this extension before the expiration of your current visa. This can usually be done through a travel agency, online services provided by the UAE government, or physically at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai.

Are there any health requirements for the 60-day tourist visa?
As of recent regulations, there are no mandatory health checks required to apply for a tourist visa to the UAE. However, it is advisable to have travel health insurance that covers COVID-19 and other potential health issues. Note that depending on global and regional health situations, requirements may change, and it's wise to check for any updates close to your travel dates.


Securing a 60-day Dubai UAE tourist visa opens the door to a rich and engaging travel experience. Whether you’re exploring modern skyscrapers or ancient traditions, Dubai offers a unique blend of attractions and activities that cater to all tastes. By following this guide, you can ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey through one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

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