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15 free things to do in dubai with your family and friends

15 free things to do in dubai with your family and friends

Exploring Dubai with your family and friends doesn't have to break the bank. There are numerous free activities that cater to a wide range of interests, from appreciating nature and architecture to engaging in cultural and recreational activities. Here are some highlights of what you can enjoy without spending a dime:


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Wander Through Souks: Dubai's traditional markets, such as the spice, gold, and perfume souks, offer a vibrant atmosphere and a glimpse into the city's trading history​ (Headout)​.
5 reasons to visit Dubai's Love Lake over the weekend | Magical-dubai-life  – Gulf News

Visit Love Lake & Al Qudra: These spots are perfect for nature lovers, offering opportunities for picnicking, bird watching, and enjoying the serene lake views​ (Headout)​.
Enjoy the Beaches: Dubai boasts several free beaches with facilities like running tracks, volleyball courts, and skate parks​ (Headout)​.
Explore Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: Get a feel for Dubai's past with a visit to this historic district, featuring ancient buildings and museums​ (Headout)​.
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Discover Al Seef: This area combines Emirati culture and history with modern designs, offering a range of cultural and dining experiences​ (Headout)​.
Stroll Around La Mer: Known for its trendy restaurants and colorful murals, La Mer is a beachside neighborhood with a lively vibe​ (Headout)​.
Experience Camel Racing at Al Marmoom: Attend traditional camel racing, a unique and culturally significant sport in Dubai​ (Headout)​.
Deira Gold Souk | Memphis Tours Dubai

Deira Souk: The bustling old market in Deira is famous for its gold, spices, and textiles, providing a colorful sensory experience​ (​.
Car Gazing at Jumeirah Beach Residence: The Walk at JBR is the spot for car enthusiasts to view luxury cars in an impressive setting​ (​.
Watch Pehlwani Wrestling: Experience the local wrestling tradition every Friday in Deira, showcasing strength and skill​ (​.

Dance at Societe Dubai: Enjoy hits from the '80s and '90s at this nightclub with free entry on Friday nights​. 
Visit Churches: Dubai is home to several churches open to visitors, such as St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Emirates Baptist Church International, and the United Christian Church, offering peaceful retreats within the bustling city​. 

These activities showcase Dubai's diverse attractions, from its rich history and cultural heritage to modern entertainment and natural beauty, all available without spending any money. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, these free things to do in Dubai provide ample opportunities to enjoy the city's charm without the need for a hefty budget.

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