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Tourist visa
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UK Visa From UAE

Looking for a visit to UK but unaware about how to apply to acquire an UK visa. No worries there are many trustworthy agencies to make the entire procedure easier one. Applicants need to fill the application form and submit some essential documents. You can simply sit back, relax and get notified once the visa is ready. There are many localities to see and explore in the European nation. This is like a dream of each individual to dream a visit to UK once in a life time. You can book your tickets to UK by visiting any trustworthy agencies for doing the whole process. UAE residents also need a UK visa for visiting UK. Once you have been successfully submitted the documents you need to attend UK visa centre which is situated in UAE.

Needed documents to apply for UK visa

  • Passport should be valid throughout the travel
  • Visa copy
  • Emirates ID
  • Return Air ticket
  • Invitation letter/hotel booking
  • Travel insurance
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Salary slip (6 months)employed/under sponsorship
  • NOC
  • Tenancy contract
  • Educational certificate 

Additional documents For Self Employed/under sponsorship

  • Trade license copy (for self-employed)
  • Passport copy and visa copy of sponsor
  • Bank statement of sponsor
  • NOC /sponsorship letter from sponsor

Educational certificates are optional.After the completion of submitting the above mentioned requirements the visa would be processed within 10 – 15 working days itself. It’s that much simple if you contact the efficient agencies who have experience in this field.

Prices Charged while applying for UK visa

For UK visa fees the charge taken is AED 850

Other requirements which needed to be paid are:

  •  Fees of Visa
  • Checklist of documents
  • Verification of documents
  • For filling application form
  • For travel itineraries.

Steps included in UK visa Procedure

  • Submit essential documents such as passport, NOC letter, photographs, invitation letter etc.
  • Visa fee payment needed to be done using credit or debit card. After completing this agencies will schedule appointment time and date with UK Embassy.
  • Attending interview on time which was scheduled before. Be confident to give convincing responses to questions by interviewers. Interview will be taken place at Embassy.
  • UK visa will be approved within 14 working days. If all procedures are completed then the applicant will receive his / her passport which is stamped as UK visa.

Types of UK visit visa

Tourist visa

  • It allows traveller to stay for 6 months for reasons such as for business, leisure, for medical needs etc.

UK Marriage visa

  • It permits the married couples to spend time in UK till 6 months.

Family visa

  • It allows to stay in UK for 6 months by visiting friends or family. A friend or a family member can be your sponsor from UK.

Business Visa

  • As the name suggests it permits individuals in business for any transactions, trade, training etc.

Short term Study visa

  • It allows completing the study of short course or for a small research which is included within the degree course till 11 months.

Child visa

  • It is valid for those who is under 18 years and wish to meet closed relatives, friends. They can stay back up to 6 months.

Private medical visa

  • It is applied by those who visit UK for receiving a private treatment.

Sports visa

  • This visa is applicable for those who are participating in sporting events which take place in UK.

Entertainment visa

  • This visa permits those who work in the field of academic, entertainment, art etc. They should be allowed to stay in UK for only one month.

Visa for a parent of a tier 4 chid visa

  • This allows the parent to be with their child in UK for 12 months.

Electronic Visa Waiver

  • For applying an electronic visa you need to have documents as passport which allows you to stay for up to 6 months.

How to Apply UK Visa From Dubai?

Contact any of the Visa Specialist or expert at Forever Tourism and leave the visa application worries on us. Get instant assistance with UK visa experts and get relieved with all the Visa processing worries. Simply contact forever tourism. Contact us at: [email protected] or on +971-526661143

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Documents necessary for applying visa
1. Passport
2. Certificates


Answers to some of your Fequently Asked Questions
How long it will take for issuing the UK tourist visa from Dubai?

It will be processed within 15 working days. Embassy also possesses paid faster service if you pay more processing charge. If you are urgent then you can go for the paid faster processing.

Did you need a UAE residence visa for applying for UK visit visa from Dubai?

Yes, resident visa is essential for proving that you are resident of UAE to get applied for a UK visa from Dubai.

Did applicant needed to mention their salary details while applying for UK visa UAE?

Application of the person is evaluated based on the financial condition in UAE. Applicant needed to submit 6 months bank statement also.

Can an applicant apply for long term visit visas?

Applicants can apply for 2, 5 and 10 years which permits to stay for 6 months in UK. If the applicant is a minor then the 6 months stay will be valid only after he / she turns 18.

What are the eligibilities required for applying UK visa?

Applicants needed to submit the proof that they will leave UK after the end and they need to be dependent on themselves if anything that happened during the trip.