Top 10 things to do and see in Khorfakkan Beach

by Forever Tourism Blogger - 26 Aug 2022

Looking for a lovely beach experience in UAE? Well then you definitely need to read this article. Here you get all information about the stunning Khorfakkan Beach in the United Arab Emirates. It is at the east coast of the UAE. You can refresh in the beach side which welcomes you with its thriving coral reef, crystal clear waters and minute sands. Khorfakkan beach is nearly 3km which is crescent-shaped. If you are bored with your daily life routine? Then you must try out these fun water activities. The beach is always crowded by both the locals as well as tourists.


For all water sports lovers, you can find lots of things to do in Khorfakkan beach. You can also take a small boat and reach the nearby islands for experience a different type of snorkeling and diving experience. In addition, you must make sure that you pre-book the boat to avoid last-minute hassles. And keep reading to know the top 10 things to do and see in Khorfakkan beach.


Top 10 things to do and see in Khorfakkan Beach


One of the most enjoyable things to do Khorfakkan Beach is Parasailing. Parasailing is a sport that can’t be kept behind when most water sports are available. Choose to parasail and have a lifetime experience here as beach offers lots of opportunities to indulge in parasailing journey. The duration of parasailing is nearly to 10 minutes and in addition you will be provided with a life jacket. You can buy your tickets online or offline for AED 135 onwards from 9 am onwards daily. Even though the journey lasts for about 10 minutes only it is quite sure that it will be an eventful one.


2.Spend lovely moment with your dear ones

If you are not interested in water sports or fun activities then you can try out something different. Well, you can then sit back with your loved one and spend some quality time at the beach. You feel refreshed when wind blows down. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the nature’s beauty and also click some Instagram worthy pictures with your closed ones.


3.Spend some time in playground with little ones

Beach highlights a lot of open purpose-built playgrounds for the little ones. The daylight scarcely slips through the thick palm trees embellishing the landscape. The little ones will cherish going around exploring the vibe, particularly assuming they are key football lovers. Despite the fact that it is a family-friendly activity to enjoy, you can likewise unwind and relax at the beach, partaking in the sun's glow as your child attempts to copy their favorite football stars. Keep your sunscreen and shades helpful to obstruct the blistering sun beams.


4.Enjoy shopping at the Friday Market

If you have any shopping desires, this place is best for you. You can get anything from fresh fruits to rugged carpets for each corner of your house, and also handmade potteries. The shopkeepers are very friendly and open to selfies even if you are looking for window shopping. You can also find some seasonal fruits, and you will find it hard to skip them if you are even dropping by. After your shopping, relax at the nearby cafes where you get delicious sandwiches along with a cup of coffee.


5.Book a room at Oceanic Resort and Spa Khorfakkan

Planning a small picnic with your family on a secluded beach at the time when sun sets behind the Hajjar mountains. Oceanic Resort and Spa offers this facility. It is a 4-star hotel, with 177 guest rooms and lavish suites, Oceanic Hotel Khorfakkan is the perfect getaway for your family vacation. Swimming pool lets you to prepare for a swim in the ocean. Or you can try out the beach related activity, a match of tennis or volleyball could be a welcome break. And just stroll down to the spa and sauna when you are done your work. This will let you have a good sleep at night.


6.Car Cemetery

Want to try out the outer world of car racing at the Car cemetery. You have low visibility of this place coupled with dangerous animals residing here and it is extremely hard to navigate through the underwater destination spot. However, if you go through, you will witness the exotic marine species and more than 150 abandoned, cars, trucksand other automobile parts on the sea bed covered with algae all through your journey.


7.Dibba Island