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The Storm Coaster Dubai Tickets

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Dubai is known for its amazing skyline. But it is also known for its breathtaking roller coaster ride. The Dubai Storm Coaster (DTC) has been named the record-breaking indoor roller coaster in the world and Dubai's Fastest Indoor Roller Coaster. It was constructed and is housed in the Dubai Hills Mall. It is designed to give you a thrilling ride through the loops of the Storm Coaster. The Storm Coaster in Dubai Hills Mall is the world's quickest vertical launch roller coaster, according to Guinness World Records.


  • Experience the thrill of a lifetime by visiting Dubai and taking a ride on the fastest indoor roller coaster in the world, the Storm Coaster.
  • Brace yourself for an unforgettable and spine-tingling ride on a world-record-breaking roller coaster.
  • Treat your family to an exciting new coaster ride and brace yourself for a 20-meter wave on dry land.
  • The launch of the Storm Coaster in Dubai is a vertical one that propels riders more than 50 metres into the air without any slant.
  • Take a ride on the Storm Coaster, an inverted roller coaster that features multiple vehicles and circles the entire structure.
  • On the thrilling Storm Coaster ride in Dubai, you can enjoy the liftoff, the sudden drop in speed, and the jolting rise in speed

The location of the storm coaster in Dubai and how to reach it:

People who want to ride the Storm Coaster at Dubai Hills Mall can take the metro, a taxi, a public bus, or drive to the mall. The First Abu Dhabi Bank metro station is the closest one to Dubai Hills Mall, making it the most convenient option for visitors who want to reach the mall.

Suitable time to visit the storm coaster:

The best time to visit the Storm Coaster in Dubai is just before the peak hours, preferably between 10 and 11 in the morning or 3 and 4 in the afternoon.

Storm Coaster Dubai ticket prices and general conditions:

The Storm Coaster ride at Dubai Hills Mall is priced at AED 65 per person.

  • To be admitted on this ride, individuals must have a height of at least 130 cm.
  • Each ride on the Storm Coaster lasts for 2.15 minutes.
  • Taking photos and videos is not allowed while riding the Storm Coaster.
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed to take the Storm Coaster ride.

The following categories of people are not recommended to ride the Storm Coaster:

People who have high blood pressure, get sick easily when moving, have broken or fractured bones, are sensitive to flashing lights, fast movement, loud movement, or loud noises, or have physical, mental, auditory, or visual disabilities should not ride the Storm Coaster.



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