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Italy Visa From UAE

Italy is located in the Mediterranean Sea with 301,340kms wide area which has a population around 60,483,973. Italy is actually born from Roman Empire which is one of the strongest European Empire. It is home country to many Castles, palaces, many buildings with varieties of architectural styles as that of Mannerisy, Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic, Neoclassical. Other than this It has a 7,600 km wide coastline, lakes, cliffs, national parks etc. Italy is wonderful with natural and manmade wonders which made it a perfect tourist destination. About 50 million tourists visit Italy per year. Thus, tourism is the main backbone of Italian economy which gives above 60% of the total national income of the country. Italy is one of the most visitied countries in the world itself. Italy has become a dream to everyone to visit once in a life time. There are many places to visit in Italy as Canals in Venice etc which will worth your visit completely. If you are a UAE national or resident who looks forward of getting an Italy visa, then Forever Tourism may help you to know how can you get applied to Italy tourist visa from Dubai. Italy visa price from Dubai is very less compared to others.