Umm Al Quwain


Umm Al Quwain

The Emirates of Umm Al Quwain is one of the seven constituent emirates of the United Arab Emirates, located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula and this emirates comes between Ajman and Ras al Khaimah on the west coast. Umm Al Quwain is the capital and largest city of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain in the UAE. Fishing is a key contributor to Umm Al Quwain’s economy. Umm Al Quwain is the least populous compare to other emirates in UAE and the second smallest emirate of the United Arab Emirates.


Exploring the Umm Al Quwain : 10 things to do in Umm Al Quwain

  • Dreamland aqua park
  • Umm Al Quwain Museum
  • Al Sinniyah Island
  • Visit site of Abandoned IL-76  Russian cargoplane
  • Falaj Al Mualla


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