The 10 best kid’s play area in the UAE to visit now

by Forever Tourism Blogger - 30 Aug 2022

Little ones make sense of the world through play. There is evidence that early play can affect how your child's brain grows and help in the coordination of their mental and physical talents. Children and teenagers of all ages learn to solve problems, use their imagination and creativity, communicate effectively, make observations, and focus and remember things through play. In essence, play-based learning is just letting kids be kids. And you may allow them to do it in many locations throughout the UAE.


1. Cheeky Monkeys

At the Cheeky Monkeys soft play areas, little explorers will find a world of color and enjoyment as well as an educational experience they won't even be aware they are having. Kids who are active will like the innovative lit slides, tiny zip lines, excellent dressing-up area, and an enormous ball pit that offer nonstop fun. Additionally, role-play spaces with shops, dressing-up, and other activities offer the educational component of the day trip. Additionally, there is a café where parents can get hot kid-friendly meals and Starbucks coffee.


2. Kids HQ

The huge, soft play area of three floors is absolutely amazing. Children with lots of energy will enjoy running, climbing, and jumping while having fun on the numerous slides, in the ball pit, and on the trampolines. There is also a special area with a sensory pit for the smallest fun-seekers. In addition, Kids HQ offers Thursday mother and toddler music sessions for little ones aged three months to four years, as well as a schedule of educational workshops and activities meant to make learning fun.


3. Caboodle

Caboodle is a multi-purpose location that is super adorable and colourful, and the atmosphere is both educational and stimulating. Kids may learn through play and exploration, and parents can leave young children in the supervised play area if they wish to indulge in some retail therapy while they do so.  Caboodle also has a kids' salon, a healthy cafe, craft, and role-playing sections. Additionally, it offers mum-and-tot classes with musical themes that include activities, crafts, games, stories, and sing-alongs.


4. KidZania

The young ones can enjoy more than 40 role-playing games at KidZania where they can immerse themselves in a variety of occupations. Between the ages of four and sixteen, inquisitive young minds have a variety of employment options, including being a fireman, chef, or hotelier, as well as a doctor, car racing champion, or hair stylist. After completing each task, they receive their very own salary in KidZania money, which they may then use in the on-site store to make purchases before leaving. Whatever profession they choose to follow in the vibrant kid-sized city, they will gain decision-making, creativity, and social skills in a welcoming and safe indoor setting. Make your way to KidZania for a practise session because there is so much for children to discover.


5. Kidz Palooza

Six distinct zones in this 4,500 square foot area are designed to your child's overall enjoyment and are all about playing to learn. A market where children learn about the benefits of fruits and vegetables is available for children from birth to age twelve. A market where children learn about the benefits of fruits and vegetables is available for children from birth to age twelve.


6. Children’s City