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Tour to Oman Musandam

» Tour to Oman Musandam

Musandam is an island in Oman where one can find the nature in its purest form. This is because local inhabitants have done least manipulations according increasing human needs.

Why Should You Go?

A visit to the island is best when a person wants to move away from hectic schedules and sky-scraping buildings. A dhow cruise adds to the experience. These boats are well equipped with all latest technology, yet maintaining an aura representing the local island culture with food and engaging music.

The Tour to Nature’s Lap

To begin with Oman Musandam tour, a dhow ride for whole day will help you explore several fishing villages. The mesmerizing scenic landscapes will take you to a new world, you thought had exhausted.

You will also get to visit caves that were carved long ago and have been preserved well. During the trip, you will learn some amazing facts and history associated with the place and how local people have put in best efforts to keep things as they were long ago. Once you know everything, you will appreciate the beauty in better way and have beautiful memories to take ahead.

If you think that landscape is all, then you are mistaken. While you ride on the dhow, you will find that this place is home for dolphins. They keep flowing with the clear water.

Spending Your Day

While you see around and get new surprises with the ever increasing magnificence of mountains and beaches, you can spend your day taking a sun bath with your partner. You could also fish and have a relaxing day with one of the best food and drinks to consume. What better can a person ask for?

Get Adventurous

If you wish to add some more excitement, put on your swimsuit, take flippers and snorkel from the dhow owner and start a journey underwater. You will find that life and terrain under outstands that above the water.

Thus, make your Oman Musandam tour the most memorable trip and do not forget to capture each moment so that you can cherish it forever.