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Wild Wadi Water Park

» Wild Wadi Water Park
Adult Cost
AED 225 *
Child Cost
AED 225 *
Tour Duration
8 Hours


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The “Wildest” Tourist Spot in Dubai

Dubai’s wild wadi, the water park is located in the region of Jumeirah near Burj Al Arab in the UAE. It’s a vast open outdoor park with  swimming pools and 17 water game slides. It is indeed managed by Bibin Jacob. The water park is known to have been designed to pour-  in 59 feet of water in every ten minutes. This park also includes gift stores and two snack corners for all the visitors. It has been architecturally designed with the largest water slide from North America. This wild water park  facilitates the tourists with hot and cold water wave pools and two cool surfing machines. Dubai’s wildest water park, being the Wild Wadi,  broadcast on televisions as the amazing Race Asia1 and Race Australia2 .

Why should one not miss to visit the Wild Wadi waterpark? :

    • The Dubai water park  is equipped with 30 amazing water rides and surely is an ideal place for a family outing were kids would enjoy thoroughly in the summer.
    • This wild water park  is a theme- based water park which depicts the character of Juha from the traditional folklore of Arab.
    • The water temperature in Dubai wild wadi water park is designed to get adjusted to human temperature as it is cooler in summer and warmer during cold days. Dubai’s wild wadi park of water and dry rides is facilitated with a centralized water control system where a single system controls all the systems of the entire park.
    • The children’s play area is equipped to provide special care for them and is known as the Lagoon and there are special games for kids at the Juha’s Dhow which offers fun and adventurous water slides and varieties of pools.
    • The food lovers  are served with  the most tasty grill food , burgers, subs, pizzas and even hot dogs. They serve hot snacks like fries, kebabs, chicken, deep fries very hot on their plates. The kids can enjoy on varieties of desserts like smoothies, candies, ice creams, pastries, milk shakes , fresh fruits and juices. Wild wadi park   strictly prohibits the consumption of any kind of  alcoholic drinks in and around it.
    • The tourists  can shop at the retail outlets for their swimming shorts or apparels and even casual wear like Womens’ clothing, dresses, t- shirts, trousers, shirts and kids wear around the shopping area of Dubai’s wild wadi shopping area. They make one’s water games more fun along with slides as they provide water toys, surfs, water tubes, balls, towels and arrange for photography sessions in the park.
    • All the places and different game areas, food snack corners, shop stores can easily be located with the map facilities inside Dubai wild wadi water park .It truly gives a beautiful experience to its visitors by means of the fun-filled rides..

Dubai’s wild wadi park of water and dry games, totally, is the best place for kids to have fun in water and provides a few dry games as well. The kids can even refresh themselves around the snack counters. All these  facilities are provided under one roof thus making it a complete day package for people looking out to spending one full day with less travelling and more of a fun.