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Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

» Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

In the capital of United Arab Emirates this huge model of structural design is situated proudly. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the president of UAE. He initiated the mosque. Equivalent to the size of five football grounds this mosque is biggest in UAE and comes at number eight in this world.

This mosque is also one of the most important Holy places in the country. It is estimated that during the season of Eid more than 40000 worshipers reach there.  The Mosque is a place for worship as well as an educational hub. The managing committee of this mosque is known as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. This committee manages all the Day to day activities as well as time to time educational programs. 

The great mosque has some great things inside. It is believed that the carpet in the mosque is largest carpet in the world. The carpet is in the prayer hall. The 5,627 square meter carpet is made of Iranian and New Zealand wool.

Other astonishing thing there is the chandeliers. The biggest of them is 3rd largest in this world. Theses chandeliers were imported to the mosque from Germany. The beauty of chandelier is its Swarovski crystals.

The lightening system is so deigned that it reflects the image of the clouds to the external walls of the mosque. Auto controlled lightening system gets deemed and bright as the moon light changes. 

The almighty god of Islam Allah has 99 names. All the names are displayed on the wall of Qibla. The calligraphy used is conventional. The attractiveness of the wall is amplified by the help of fiber optic lightening system.

This mosque has a rich library also. The north east minaret of the mosque includes this library. The books here include science, arts and all the disciplines in Islamic system. Some of the books are of even more than 200 years older publications. This library proudly projects the rich literature of UAE.  Books of English, German, Korean, and Arabian language can be found here.

The construction of this grand mosque is brought up keeping in mind the styles of both the Mughal and Moorish architecture. The artists of different countries used different marbles of their countries. Germany, India, morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, China, and UK took part in the building up process. 

The mosque is made up of Gold, ceramics, marbles, and crystals.

The mosque is so beautiful and even more beautiful at night. The mosque is definitely worth a visit.

The best time to visit the mosque is during cold and rainy seasons.