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Desert Parties in Dubai

» Desert Parties in Dubai

A desert party sounds interesting. It is a tour with an encounter with the natural beauty of Dubai. The parties are known for the extravagant setup and the traditional essence they posses.

It is a Cultural Expedition

Desert parties in Dubai are organized with the aim of imparting experience of cultural and artistic heritage to visitors and tourists. The décor, butlers, food, entertainment, everything symbolizes what the city has inherited from its ancestors.

The organizers use silk and linens to build up amazing structures and provide drinks and fruits to gorge upon. In the afternoon, where people enjoy the sun bath with partners, at night it is transformed to a platform for music, dance and food.

Night parties

There are gatherings where people get to see the famous and sensuous belly dance by professionals. Also, there are performers representing other folk arts of the place. Music usually comprises of the local music but the beats make everyone dance. Food has local delicacies and tastes one can never get to taste anywhere else in the world. Provision of a bar depends of the organizer has taken relevant permits from authorities, otherwise fruit juices and mock tails are always available.

Live Music

The parties comprise of special attractions involving famous DJs. Some of the organizers even have live drumming where people dance to the beats and enjoy in the best way as never before. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that live music is most appealing and engaging factor.

The Bash is for Everyone

Is desert party all about entertainment for teenagers and adults? Then what about children who visit with their families? The organizers develop creative events to engage children including tattoo making, face painting and others. They make sure that there is something for everyone.

Thus, not visiting desert parties in Dubai; means missing an opportunity of high cultural value and beautiful memories for future.