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Dubai Souks at a Glance

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Posted on June 20, 2013  •  Add Comment

Souks in Dubai are nothing but the markets which has many wide assortment of merchandise which includes fish, fruits, spices, gold, textiles, and many more. Theses stunning markets are a must watch and visiting spots when in Dubai as they throw light on the rich multi culture and lifestyle of people in Dubai. Few of the famous souks in Dubai are given below:

  • Glittering gold souk:

Deira in Al Dhagaya Dubai is considered to be the heart of gold jewelry mart. The gold souk here is nothing but the gold market where traders from India and Iran dropped in to this dazzling destination to open their jewelry shops. From a local retail outlet for gold to branded jewelry showrooms like d’Damas, Joy Allukas etc are located at this hot spot. And it is for this gold souk there are tourists who pour into Dubai to spend their holiday. There are many variety of designs finely carved whether it is a bracelet or a necklace or any other ornament for that matter. The rates here are highly reasonable and are much affordable for visitors to buy. One can find tremendous designs in 18 K, 19 k to 22k gold. People also prefer buying gold coins and bars anticipating their use in future. So drop in to this hot spot and go glittering with gold.

  • Sizzling spice souk:

The spice souk is described to have narrow lanes and is located just opposite the gold souk in Deira, Dubai. People can get any type of spice here which belongs to the rich Arabian and South Asian cuisine. Along with herbs and spices one can also find different types of rugs, carpets, textiles shops under the same roof. With the advancement of huge malls in Dubai, the spice souk is losing its potential customers but still is famous for the huge variety of its offerings. So step into this spicy zone and treat your taste buds!

  • Pampering perfume souk:

Deira in Dubai is yet again famous for its n number of perfume stores. Situated in Sikkat Al kayal street, the perfume stores provide their outstanding fragrances makes oneself to over indulge in such a way that buyers go crazy not knowing which one to purchase. Local Arabs have a rich sense for all these perfumes and so this souk has full of visitors round the clock.  You can find world’s best perfumes here. Name a fragrance and it is present in this perfume souk. This market is the proof that the Arabs have the ability and passion for perfumes and fragrances. Step in to this souk and get indulged in these exotic!

  • Fruits and food souk:

Walking around the food market in Dubai which is in other part of Deira is definitely worthy as this has many fresh and colorful fruits which attract tourists. They get inside this souk mainly to get rid of the hot sun and these attractive fruits stores provide all those fresh fruits to escape from the hot temperature in Dubai. Step in to this wonder land which is the fruit land.